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IMG_5716_2If there’s one love affair that’s been a constant for me since high school, it’s Target. (Sorry Chick-fil-a, maybe if you were open on Sundays…). I go to Target for everything from swimsuits to soap, cards to K-cups, trail mix to toilet paper, but I’ve never really gone HAM in the accessories department…until now. I was faced with the challenge to complete an outfit I already had with accessories from Target on a $50 budget and I succeeded with flying colors, despite the two giant glasses of wine I had beforehand. Pro tip: You should definitely try #TipsyTargeting sometime, but proceed with caution and attempt to have a budget in place.

The outfit on deck was new navy shorts I just picked up from J. Crew (on the rack they looked like ‘80s gym shorts, but with heels, they’re incredible). Paired with a creamy silk top from South Moon Under and wedges; this outfit just needed something to make it pop. I knew a necklace was crucial and the first thing I noticed in the Target jewelry department were the colorful, long beaded necklaces ($16.99), so done and done.

Next I went for a bracelet and found a badass #BuckleCuff (can we get that trending?) that is officially my new favorite arm candy ($12.99).

(LADIES, please note that Target has incredible fashion jewelry. While all stores may not be super-stocked, for the love of God, check online, get overwhelmed, and thank me later. Brb, spending all my money.)

Next up, something to hold my essentials. I fell in love with these bright, boxy clutches and by the grace of the accessory angels, my iPhone 6+ (read: iPad) just barely fit nestled next to my lip gloss and cards ($16.99).


Grand total: $47 FTW.

target style

I put it all together and jetted off to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Superica, for guac, tacos, and tequila (the three best friends anyone could have).


Because is there really anything else a girl needs in life besides #TargetAndTacos? NOPE.



Find your style @targetstyle.

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