HEY Y’ALL. I don’t always do this (says every girl before she sleeps with a guy on the first date), but I’m throwing out some fun Atlanta-only stuffs happening this weekend, so get ready to let your hair down and have a hootenanny. If you are reading this and don’t live in Atlanta, I’m sorry (I’m not sorry).

Beth Stelling at Laughing Skull
Do you love to laugh? How about alcohol? You can LITERALLY do both of these things all weekend at the Laughing Skull with my new girl crush Beth Stelling on the main stage (ok, there’s only one stage and she’s not a stripper, I don’t know why I said that). Please watch this clip because I found myself hanging on every word and dying to know what happened next whilst also laughing, which is a sign of an amazing comedian (or me just being too dramatic at all times).

You loved, right? I watched it twice, nbd.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. Our favorite bearded Indian comedian Neal Reddy is featuring (that’s comedy speak for “opening”) so come hear his gut busters and ask to touch his facial hair after the show (he NEVER gets that).
neal reddy comedianThere are shows all weekend and use code ‘sweetbeth’ for 20% off. I’ll be there tonight (Friday) at 8pm so let’s LOL together then tweet about it…….using #LOL. How hilarious would that be!? (PS, get Neal’s shirt here #ShamelessPlug.)

Juice Bar
I’m SO excited about this, you guys. My friend/fitness instructor/health coach Cara Weaver (you may remember her from life-changing posts like this) has just helped open an ahhhh-mazing juice bar, and it’s everything I knew it would be. Think fresh juices, smoothies, power shots, and grab-and-go snacks/lunches like quinoa and lettuce wraps with peanut sauce so good I want to bathe in it. They also have essential oils for digestion, cold/allergy, energy, etc. you can shoot or add to your smoothies. Check out the menu here.
I stopped in this week and sampled all the goods with Cara.
And she’s pregnant so these are the only shots she’s taking right now LOL HEHEHE I’M SO HILARIOUS.
IMG_5796Everything was delicious, especially that cocoa banana smoothie. I would also bathe in that.

Added bonus: It’s a great date place. Pro tip: Sit at the kiddie table and make your date write your names in a heart on the chalkboard. Threaten to break up with them if they don’t. What?
Juice Bar also does cleanses and ‘juice to dinner’ packages if you need a major detox or are looking to jumpstart a body change. Right now, you can visit the Toco Hills locations, but Morningside will be opening this summer (YAAASSSS that’s closer to me). So get in there and get your DRANK ON.

Watching THE FIGHT
Apparently there’s a royal rumble going on this Saturday and from what I hear, it’s basically bigger than the Super Bowl and WNBA playoffs combined.
fightBut unlike the Super Bowl, it costs a hundy on Pay-Per-View so you can either dig that out of your futon cushions, ask your rich friend to host a viewing party in his high-rise condominium, or watch it at a bar. If you’re thinking, Oh cool, I’ll just roll up to Taco Mac or Fado and watch this thang, THINK AGAIN MOTHER F*CKER. Because they aren’t showing it. I literally called Taco Mac yesterday and the chick answered the phone: “Thanks for calling Taco Mac Metropolis, no we are not showing the fight on Saturday.” I was like, “Oh, well can I order some wings then?” #CheatDay. As for who IS showing it: Hudson Grille Midtown and Brookhaven and the cover is $30 with doors opening at 8 p.m., but ol’ gal at the Midtown location said people will probably start lining up at 7 p.m. Keep in mind the fight won’t start until after 11 p.m. guys, so good luck not dying while you toss back $2 Fireballs for 5 hours. Big Sky in Buckhead is showing it for a $15 cover so that won’t be a douche-cluster madhouse at all. I hear Kramer’s is showing it for free, so I assume that means only on the projector screen which I’m sure some asshole will fall into/rip down/punch through by the end of the night. But give it a whirl. Places not showing it that you think might be: The Ivy, Dantanna’s, FADO AND TACO MAC as previously mentioned. Oh and Stats is sold out so don’t even try to get in there and hobnob with Atlanta’s elite (ha). If you know of other places, feel free to leave a comment below! GO TEAM.

Here’s to the freakin’ weekend, y’all.


Feature image of Beth Stelling (credit)

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