This summer’s gonna’ hurt like a mutha fucker.

What? Adam Levine said it, not me!

That song (while not my absolute fave, but good enough for #FunInTheSun) kicks off this doozy of a playlist where you can also find a hard-hitting dose of Zedd, Twenty One Pilots, David Guetta, Jason Derulo (the new jam with JLo is fire, y’all), Flo Rida, Icona Pop, Shaggy (HE’S BAAACK!), and my personal fave, a song called “Choices (Yup)” by E-40. Let me ask you–have you ever been in a car with a group of girls on a bachelorette party and heard a song for the first time and literally laughed the entire time, then quoted it for the rest of the weekend? Well, YOU’RE WELCOME.

Here’s a snippet of the lyrics:
You a loser? (nope), Winner? (yup)
Starving? (nope), Dinner? (yup)
You still sell dope? (nope)
Now you cleaner than a bar of Dove soap? (yup)
Got a little gouda? (nope)
Got a thumper, got a Ruger? (yup)
You in love with’ the ho? (nope)
She bringin’ you the dough? (yup)
You gon’ cry if she leave? (nope)
You gon’ fly overseas? (yup)

First of all, any song referencing gouda, I am ok with. It could have been brie, but I’m not player hatin’. Listen to this song with your #squad and tell me it doesn’t start a whole new hilarious thang on your text chain.

Is it officially summer? NOPE.
Am I saying that it is anyway? YUP.
Do I give a fuck? NOPE.

Happy summer, y’all.


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