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On the nightmare scale, swimsuit shopping is right up there with being trapped inside the DMV with all of your exes and their new girlfriends and Nickelback’s Greatest Hits is on repeat.

Hold on, I need a minute to erase that horrific image from my memory.

Ok I’m back.

But wait…it doesn’t have to be so awful! As you may know, I’m a huge fan of Target swimwear (still rocking this gem from 2012 and proud), and I hit up my heaven/homeland of a department store recently to pick up yet another suit for the summer (Miami calls, y’all).

Now let’s be real; everyone has body issues–tummy trouble, baby boobs, ginormous boobs, thunder thighs, love handles, monster ass, zero ass, third nipple, WHATEVER. But guess what–you’re beautiful so stop picking yourself apart. However, you do need to find a suit to fit your body so you feel comfortable and confident. I’m a confident person, but even swimsuit shopping can bring me down because somehow with all my working out (and heavy wine glass lifting) I still don’t look like Gisele (ugh). So I take extra steps to make the process less painful:

1) Never swimsuit shop when you’re feeling bloated, after a bender weekend, or hungover and depressed. A good day to go is Thursday after you’ve “been good” (maybe?) all week and before you ruin it again.
2) If you can, go after a run or workout when your endorphins are up. Sorry if you think that’s gross but I promise you’ll have a happier experience.
3) Best time to go: Earlier in the day after coffee (and um, a bathroom break) and before a big meal.
4) When you’re tan. And if you’re not tan, just tell yourself over and over that a tan is coming. They say a tan makes you instantly lose 10 lbs but I think it’s more like 47.
5) If you feel like you look extra fat, it could be the mirrors. There are some mirrors in this world (for example, at a top athletic store that will remain nameless) that will literally add 32984729487 pounds and 3 tons of cellulite to your body, so don’t always trust them.

So back to me. I am fine with my chest, arms, legs, and butt (well my right cheek is suddenly bigger than the left but that’s a discussion for another time…), but my problem area is my obliques (LOVE HANDLES if you will). And whether it’s in my head or not, I see side muffin top for days if I wear something too snug around my hips, so bikini bottoms are a struggle. I can do string bikinis with ties so I can adjust them, but I prefer a little more material (I’m not 22 anymore, you guys). The most ideal bottoms for me have that little panel of stretch on the sides, you know what I mean:

Women’s hipster swim bottom

You may remember this jewel I got a couple months ago and it’s still perfection. But since I already found THE ONE this season, I was sure I couldn’t strike gold again, but I was determined to try. I tried on a bunch of suits and while I liked a lot of them, none seemed to have the exact bottom fit I needed with a matching top I could get down with. Until I found this (for $36 total):
target bikiniThe bottoms are perfection and I love this sportier bralette top. Not to mention I’m obsessed with the braided accents and color scheme.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about taking your suit to the next level. Target has so much more than just sheer coverups and you can literally find entire outfits that will bring you from the beach/pool to a casual date to errand running to even work.

If you’re wearing a bikini top that can (almost?) pass for a crop top, pair with shorts, gladiator sandals, and a fedora and go meet bae for a beer.

target 1


Oh sh*t! You’re at the beach but all of a sudden your jacka$$ of a boss needs you in the office. Throw on that scarf/sarong, your linen boyfriend blazer, and flats, and you’re desk-ready.

target 2

You soaked up the sun, but there are errands to run. Pull on some beachy pants with a kimono and add a long necklace for good measure. Cute and just covered up enough.

target 3

Let the summer begin.



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