Summer means fun and sun, tanks and tans, beach and boys, pedis and pina coladas, bronzes and blackouts (what?). But also: Sweaty armpits. Bummer. The good news is: Deodorant. Here are the best sticks for dry pits (and a spray) whether you’re a sweaty sister or heated hippie chick.



Serious Sweater
You can always go with Certain Dri (or talk to your doc if you have hyperhydrosis), but Secret’s Clinical Strength is one of the best on the market for all day wetness and odor control. And now it comes in a clear gel ($7-$10) so no more marks on that black tank (#blessed).

Fresh products always smell divine and this lemon-y roll-on antiperspirant ($18) is no different. And it’s a more natural option, so you’ll feel better about it soaking into your pores (and worth the extra dollars).

Sensitive Skin
Dove is the go-to for sensitive skinned ladies (I would know). You can try the Clinical Protection line if you’re a serious sweater, but for regular ol’ protection and an almost guarantee you won’t be irritated, the unscented invisible solid for sensitive skin ($4.50) is the way to go. Or for a pricier product, check our Dermadoctor’s Total NonScents ($22).

Hippie Chick 
If you’re totally against the “antiperspirant” part (read: blocking sweat glands + aluminum) and just need something to neutralize/mask odor so you don’t scare people away when those high temps hit, try Tom’s of Maine aluminum-free deodorants. The fresh apricot scent ($5) will keep you smelling lovely longer.

Fancy Pants Pits 
If you’re rich and want to smell like it, go for a designer deod like Donna Karan’s seductive Cashmere Mist ($24) or Chloe’s intoxicatingly floral perfumed deodorant spray ($30).

Best Travel Size
For the natural route, the best small stick is Lavanila’s award-winning The Healthy Deodorant ($8). Or order Degree Motion Sense in bulk ($13 for 6) and keep one in your car, gym bag, at work, hidden in your ex’s medicine cabinet (you never know…), etc. and thank me later.

Happy sweating summer, ladies.



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