Spoiler alert: I’m going to talk about cleansing your face with oil.

DON’T HANG UP! Just hear me out.

Oil has long been known for its makeup removing properties and of course, the moisturizing factor. As we all know, the more moisturized the skin, the more it glows and the YOUNGER YOU LOOK. Do I need to repeat that? Didn’t think so.

My skin is dry AF, so I swear by oil. You may recall this blog in which I professed my newfound love for Marula Pure Beauty oil (remember that doozy of a before and after?).

And I’m still as obsessed as ever. It has completely changed my beauty game and even when I’m dehydrated (read: hungover) and look terrible, tired, and old, this oil brings my face back to life. I went a week without it last month and was freaking the F out (you should have seen me trying to extract every last drop from my travel roll-on).

So when Marula released a foaming cleansing oil, I had to have it immediately. Initial concerns: How is an OIL going to turn into a FOAM? And will it leave a greasy residue?

Answers: Magic. And no.
I’m adding this to the obsession list. My skin felt so soft afterward but no lingering residue, and looked vibrant and bright. And it truly did foam and get all my stubborn makeup off.

Fancy bonus: “Encapsulated Marula Oil technology delivers time released hydration and nutrients that remain active after rinsing.”

I know some of you with more oily/combination skin may be fearful of putting more oil into your already oily areas (valid concern), but trust me: ALL skin types can benefit from a cleanser like this. It rinses clean, won’t clog pores, and maintains the natural balance of your skin. If you have oily skin, you can use this and wear a light moisturizer or even skip it altogether (but don’t forget your SPF!). Drier complexions like mine can easily use the oil cleanser and put on the facial oil right afterward and feel like a million moisturized bucks.

Marula Beauty has also released a bronzing product that’s a “3-in-1 anti-aging treatment, illuminizer, and sunless tanner for face and body,” so basically that’s everything we need for our face all summer. Put it on with some mascara and you’re good to go. #NaturalBeauty
marula oil(Photo credit)

And once again, I have convinced Marula to give my readers 20% off the entire product line (don’t ask questions). Use code “PRETTY” (since we used WITTY last time) and get 20% off any Marula product through July 1! No minimum purchase and shipping is free for $50 or more.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Time to lube up, ladies.


(PS stay tuned for info on the HAIR CARE line omg.) 

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