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Let’s take a look at all-white wearing through the years…Marilyn Monroe poses over the updraft of New York subway grating while in character for the filming of "The Seven Year Itch" in Manhattan on September 9, 1954.  The former Norma Jean Baker modeled and starred in 28 movies grossing $200 million. Sensual and seductive, but with an air of innocence, Monroe became one of the world's most adored sex symbols. She died alone by suicide, at age 36 in her Hollywood bungalow.  (AP Photo/Matty Zimmerman)

I mean, is there anything hotter than white clothing on bronze skin? NOPE. Add gold jewelry into that mix and hello, SUMMER SEXY ALERT. Once my skin hits a top-tier tan, I can’t get enough white in my wardrobe—I wear it during the day, out at night, to work (wait…I work from home), and even to weddings.

Kidding about one of those.

But let’s talk about how white can make your summer nights that much hotter. Like I even need to say it, I’m Target obsessed and have been shamelessly showing off my Target style (complete with bikini pics FML), for the past few months, and am so excited to be wearing more clothes in this installment.

Here are three different looks for WHITE HOT NIGHTS.

Kimono Means Yes
I spotted this stunner ($49) and had to have it. I love kimonos as it is, but this long white jewel with embroidered accents is just FIRE. You can do a lot with this and it’s a great opportunity to wear something teeny tiny/super tight that might be too scandalous on its own, but throw on this classy piece and VOILA: Skank sitch avoided! And if you’re at a nighttime beach/yacht/whatever soiree, you could throw this on over your swimsuit like so:

IMG_8267You can just barely make out those palm trees off my downtown Atlanta balcony in the distance…

Late Night Romp
Rompers are still hot and guys still don’t understand them, but whatever. I found this creamy lace piece ($25), and knew it would be killer with the right accessories. Pair it with a gold belt and stunner earrings to offset the innocence of a white lace onesie a little bit and you’re set for #DateNight with bae.

Sure a white tank is as simple as it comes, but it can be harder than you think to find a perfect one (YOU LADIES KNOW). I found one I love at Target ($12) that you can easily dress up or down. For a casual night out, I paired it with light jeans, wedges, and a badass statement necklace (also from Target, remember how bomb their accessories are!?) and I’m ready to (casually) partyyyyyy.
target 1Note, this is a larger, relaxed fit, so you might want to err on the smaller side (I have a small, but could have even gone XS).

That necklace tho…
IMG_7848 (1)

For the record, I love to wear all-black as much as the next gal (and come winter, I’ll be living in dark neutrals AKA black leggings), but why not go white as much as you can during the next 3-month tan span?


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