I am all about some female empowerment and I appreciate the strides beauty brands and (some) media outlets have taken to encourage confidence, promote inner beauty, and break down unrealistic standards brought to us in part by Photoshop. But there’s just a touch of inauthenticity when the messaging comes from a multi-billion dollar company and their full-page ads are also splayed out in fashion magazines right alongside those digitally enhanced altered models.

This is why it was refreshing (and simultaneously depressing) to watch this recent video by brave blogger/vlogger Em Ford of My Pale Skin. She brings you on an emotional roller coaster revealing her less-than-perfect (read: acne) skin, demonstrating the power of makeup (and illusion of perfection), shaming online bullies (seriously, how are people so terrible?), and offering a slight glimmer of hope for humankind.

Perhaps this will even make those pathetic trolls with souls black enough to write anything resembling “You look disgusting” on someone’s photo think twice…or not. But at the very least, it’s a compelling video about important issues like beauty disillusionment and online bullying from a real person (not Dove + actors).

And in the words of our hero Amy Schumer

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