When I was in 5th grade, I was absolutely CERTAIN I was going to be the next Coco Chanel. When my teacher Mrs. Jenner (not to be confused with #Caitlyn) asked the class what we wanted to be when we grew up, I confidently answered “fashion designer” even though I was wearing purple stirrup leggings, a turtleneck, and Champion sweatshirt over it. SWEATSHIRTS OVER TURTLENECKS, YOU GUYS. WHAT WAS LIFE?!

Anyway. My badass friend Carrie Licciardi actually fulfilled my dream of becoming a fashion designer while I just do shit on the Internet, overuse hashtags, and somehow get paid for it. I want to introduce you all to her New Orleans-based line Prêt à Porter known for “basic needs + material perfection,” but let’s be clear we’re talking “basic” as in fashion essentials, not selfie-taking-humblebragging-PSL-drinking-Ed-Sheeran-listening-Lululemon-wearing chicks. (Don’t be offended, I’m wearing Lulu pants right now ehehehe).

The first Prêt top I ever owned was the Jennifer and I wear the shiat out of it all through fall and winter. A perfect silk blouse (or five) is truly a MUST in any wardrobe. But let’s talk summer style and the current items I’m obsessing over. (PS, keep reading and perusing my wannabe fashion blogger pics and there’s a discount at the bottom).

The Eva jumpsuit
Feels like pajamas, looks like FIRE. And my boyfriend doesn’t “get it” so that’s further proof it’s fashionable.jumper
Also seen on Sandra Oh in green. OH YES.
sandra oh

The Melody top
This is a true work-to-play piece. Wear it with dress pants or a pencil skirt for the office then slip into shorts or jeans for happy hour/Tinder date/AA meeting/whatever. I’m seriously obsessed with this silk top. And you can also buy it big and wear it like this skinny betch model.
blouse(Shoes from another fave designer Diana Warner.)

The Florence tank
Another perfect item and summer must-have, this soft cotton tank is short enough to give off a cropped vibe, but long enough to cover your stomach/last night’s pizza binge. I especially love it with flowy pants for a night out. (Tip: Lay flat to dry.)
10952451_787067541376136_6562483565941759910_n(^That’s not me.)
IMG_1867(^That’s me on the right. Necklace also by Diana Warner.)

Check out the rest of the line and use code “wittyandpretty” for 30 PERCENT OFF (that’s major, you guys). Brb getting this dress and heading to the coast (or my patio, whatever)…


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