In a world where celebs flaunt their money on social media with pics of private jets, sold out arena shows, and selfies of their expensive faces (or asses), Katy Perry, real-life unicorn, chose to flaunt her realness with a pic from her birthday dinner at none other than this authentic Italian eatery:

That’s right, she and her (normal looking) crew went to Olive Garden—the most chain restaurant of all chain restaurants. And her caption was perfection. Let’s also not forget that Katy Perry makes more money than Beyonce AND Taylor Swift, so while Tay-Tay posts the 80 billionth Instagram pic of her 1989 tour, Katy Perry is winning over the hearts of normal people everywhere by gorging on never-ending breadsticks (we’ve all been there).

I already feel better about my choice to have my next birthday at Golden Corral (because chocolate fountains).


PS, Olive Garden may have paid $2937429837498734 for this, but I don’t care. I doubt Beyonce would pose in front of Red Lobster with her #squad for all the money in the world.

Feature image photo credit: The Inquisitr

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