It’s not even the weekend yet and I’m hungover. (Obviously I had a date last night.) Anyway, lots of fun stuff happening in the ol’ ATL, starting tonight with a comedy show, which is good if you like to laugh. Here’s the dealio (who says dealio?): TJ MILLER You may know this comedian from Chelsea […]

You know that feeling when you work a crazy 10+ hour day…and you get home…and take your bra (or pants) off? Orgasmic. You guys. That’s how I feel when I put on my new Sanuk sandals. I have basically worn them every day since they arrived on my doorstep and I don’t know how I […]

One day at the Bella Bag showroom, owner Cassandra Connors and I got to chatting about her freakish knowledge of handbags and I put her to the test of naming a bunch on the spot. She got every…last…one. So I decided to take it up a notch and blindfold her. See if she can recognize a […]

Who’s ready for a beach vacay?! (That should be everyone.) Sun, sand, relaxing, day drinking, and humblebrag hashtags. Ahhhh…. Today’s giveaway is a must-have for a trip to the tropics (or the Florida panhandle, whichever). It’s a perfect coverup courtesy of South Moon Under, which if you weren’t aware, is my favorite store in the […]

Bling, bling bishes! Time to give away sparkly things courtesy of Kendra Scott. If you have Instagram or read magazines, you may know this jewelry line because it seems like every stylish lady and her mother have been rocking the colorful, quality gems lately. I got my first pair of earrings a few weeks ago and […]

Neutral-colored brassieres and undies in the spring/summer? No thanks. The sun is shining bright and our lovely lady lumps should be shining brighter. What? Let it be known (everyone already knows) that I love to show my bra. Not in a slutty, side-boob, DTF kinda’ way, but in a subtle, sheer-shirt-with-bright-or-black-bra-underneath fashion. We are all […]

One day last week, whilst walking my dog (read: IN PUBLIC), I looked down at myself and truly comprehended what I was wearing: Army green yoga pants (AKA the most unflattering piece of clothing I’ve ever put on my body), a red T-shirt from a Mexican restaurant that I got FREE on Cinco de Mayo […]

I snagged my New Year’s Eve dress a few weeks ago, and it’s currently being altered (I definitely felt a little skanky taking it to the sweet, little Asian lady and telling her it needed to be shorter). But I digress. My blogging bestie Becky from The Pumpkin Spot is back with a guest post […]

Ladies, even if you’re a Hot Topic-shopping, Boone’s Farm-drinking, acrylic nail-getting, Golden Corral-eating gal, there is hope for you to look like Kate Middleton yet. (And I really hope none of you readers personally identified with that description.) There is one item of outerwear that will make you look classy even if you are wearing […]

First of all, to anyone who says “leggings aren’t pants,” you can stop reading right now and go F yourself. Sorry that was harsh, but those a-holes deserve it. We all know TIGHTS are not pants (which your mama should have learned ya’ by age 6), but leggings are a beautiful thing–they’re comfortable, versatile, HAVE […]

With the holidays coming up, I decided it would be a nice opportunity to (temporarily) adopt one of the lonely designer handbags in the Bella Bag showroom and give it a warm, loving home over Thanksgiving. I’m just charitable like that, you guys. Whilst owner Cassandra assisted me in selecting the perfect travel tote, I […]

Hey guys, guess what? It’s cold outside. Thank goodness for all those people who updated their statuses about the weather; if it weren’t for them, I’d be running around in jorts today. I would actually post a picture of the amazing vintage, high-waisted leopard jeans that I AM rockin’ today but A) I’d be selfie-ing […]

While my girls and I REALLY wanted to go as Sexy Duck Dynasty, Sexy Breaking Bad, and various versions of Miley Cyrus for our Halloween party this past weekend, we decided against it because we thought those costumes were just too obscure and no one would know what we were. Instead we went with Disney […]

It was a moment on Facebook none of us could believe and will never forget. Three fashion/beauty bloggers who have tirelessly dedicated our lives and careers to staying on top of trends, and we realized we had not yet experienced one of the country’s biggest crazes. And I’m not talking about twerking (I think we’ve […]

Eff. Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, which means all the costume parties are going to be the weekend prior-to (read: in three days). Seriously people, this means Halloween is getting stretched out for at least a whole week, like Thursday to Thursday of costume-ing. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat. A little bit […]

I remember like it was yesterday: I had just moved to Atlanta in 2005 and was an UNPAID INTERN at Jezebel Magazine and they sent me to Phipps Plaza (read: rich person mall) to pick something up. After I completed my task, I was in Saks browsing the handbag section (my first mistake) when a […]

Introducing a guest post by stylist extraordinaire and overall inspirational and awesome gal: Lillian Charles of Wardrobes by Lillian. *** Juicing is cooler than 1,000+ calorie blended coffee drinks, Strong is the new skinny, And, in the vein of active, healthy lifestyles, Leave your sweatpants on…add stilettos. Gone are the days of corsets, hoop-skirts, and […]

Miley Cyrus Visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

Not only did Miley Cyrus forget her pants last night on Jimmy Fallon (#SHOCKER), but she also forgot how to put a bra on. I actually recognize this look from college and it’s commonly known as “The Walk of Shame.” For this occasion though, they brought in a special designer and I believe her name […]

Unfortunately, I did NOT fall in love this weekend at the Fairburn County State Fair, also known as TomorrowWorld (only the biggest electronic music festival in the universe). #Bummer. We still had a blast, but I had a major issue with one of the slogans I kept seeing everywhere… Oh please. Every SECOND? Could the […]

I’m not a huge celeb Instagram follower because I can’t stand the narcissistic selfies and chronic douchery (I do love me some Ludacris and Usher, though). But I still think it’s wild that some of the most famous people in the world let us commoners into their lives via personal photos. What if we could […]

A couple things about me… 1. I’m a candle critic. I’ve bought or received too many damn candles that smell delicious, then you light them and the scent is barely strong enough to fill a cardboard box (not that you should be lighting candles in cardboard boxes). FYI, this means they’re shitty and cheap. When […]

Even though it’s still tank top weather in a lot of locales, it’s time to start thinking about fall fashion. Who else is dreaming of skinny jeans and boots with a boyfriend blazer (and a spiked cider in hand)? BECAUSE I AM. Or if this was 1995, plaid miniskirts, collared shirt/sweater combos, and thigh-highs (duh). […]

I read this article about Kim Kardashian’s pregnant photo shoot with Karl Lagerfeld, and had to do a double-take to make sure I wasn’t reading The Onion. Who knew unflattering puffy jackets over towel-sweater-dresses were in now? And I still can’t believe they found a Ralph Lauren Polo sweater from 1998! And I think we […]

Oh, the Target blackout: When you walk into the beloved department store for one thing and the next thing you know, you’ve dropped at least a hundy and are walking out in a confused daze with red and white bags full of clothing, body wash, and jars of dark chocolate peanut butter (oh yes, that’s […]