Vodka is my soulmate. We met in high school and fell in love immediately (although we were a lot less classy back then and he sometimes went by the name of “Popov”). We were on-and-off-again throughout college, all the while continuing to mature, although we’d occasionally have late-night fights where I’d end up crying, throwing […]

If you can believe it, I was quite the demanding (and too smart for my own good) child. So when I was about to enter first grade (GRADE SCHOOL, BITCHES!), that meant it was time for a grownup hairdo, which in 1989, was obviously a perm (or a “permanent” as the salon professionals would say). […]

If you can believe it, my shower is stocked with a lot of products (sadly, no detachable shower head, though). I have multiple shampoos and conditioners, soaps, scrubs, face washes/exfoliators, etc. because I like to have options (also why I overpack for every trip). But as a single lady, the one surprising item you will […]

While I was gushing to my bestie Kate about a vintage, gold DVF dress I’d seen at the The Cycle of Style consignment boutique, she said, “Ohmygod Ash, I have to have it. You know, Diane Von Furstenberg is like, my life idol.” I did not know that about my BFF so I was all, […]

The recently viral video below inspired me to write a piece I’ve been sitting on since June. Take a look (warning: you might feel a little sad), and then read on… Unsettling, right? Let me begin… In 2010, when I was debating agonizing over quitting my public relations job (and steady paycheck) to pursue writing […]

My parents, Cindy and Leigh, have that uncommon, hard-to-believe, amazing marriage that, sadly, is the exception rather than the rule these days. Today, they celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary (!??!), and I can tell they’re still completely head-over-heels in love with each other. I know. It’s weird. I observe a lot of what has kept […]