Call me crazy, but I have never been personally offended by the site of an animal’s asshole. However, in 2015 in a world filled with bare human asses breaking the Internet, apparently this is an issue for some people. So praise Jesus for the TWINKLE TUSH, a feline ass-cessory that turns a kitty’s butthole into bling. Now […]

As you know, I’m female, therefore I love cute animals on Instagram (if a girl says she doesn’t like cute animals on Instagram, check for her dick). ANYWAY, Corgis are my #1 but this bunny named Wally is coming in hot and about to be my new #SpiritAnimal. Apparently he has an owner named Molly […]

In the Walking Dead meets Pet Semetary twist of the century, a cat named Bart was hit by a car and pronounced dead (you know, because he was lying lifeless in a pool of blood), so the owner buried him, then five days later, he clawed himself out of the grave and showed up on the […]

Sorry for yelling. That’s the first time I’ve all-capped a title….but it probably won’t be the last. I cannot stop watching this video (you may have already seen it because it’s old and has 3 million views but whatever). For the record, if I had a tiger cub in my apartment right now jumping from […]

If there’s one thing we can agree on when it comes to Instagram, it’s this: And if there’s another thing we can agree on, it’s that animals are the best. Animals don’t wake up in the morning, put on a full face of makeup, then take a selfie and hashtag #IWokeUpLikeThis. Animals don’t pretend to […]

Go ahead, fawn over this one. AND YOU THOUGHT YOUR PET WAS SPOILED. Oh, deer.

Is it just me or this Instagram video by Beth Stern one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen?! The very end made me feel all warm fuzzy and I had to go pin my dog down on the couch to cuddle with him (against his will). Ok, maybe it’s just me. But like, who wants […]

Congrats China. You just won the cute dog trophy until the end of time. Introducing the Panda Puppy: That’s right. These are chows who have undergone extensive dyeing and grooming to resemble a DAMN PANDA BEAR. China’s middle class is in total panda-monium over these, as more people are getting canines as companions instead of dinner.  All I […]

This GENIUS Vine video has been making the Internet rounds with good reason. Has there ever been a more incredible combo than DMX and a llama? NOPE. Also, they’re my favorite animal. Party up, y’all. LYLAS, Ashley 

One of the sexiest men in the Universe, Adam Levine, just got a new puppy and he showed it off on The Voice last night. And all around the country…panties dropped. I bet some hot and bothered women sitting around in pajama/yoga pants sans underwear even went into their bedroom and put panties ON, just […]

Who let the dogs out? An EPIC SONG from the Baha Men, one of the greatest bands of all times except Wilson Phillips. Speaking of dogs and men from Baha, I am a true animal expert. My love of the animal kingdom led me to study pre-vet at Auburn University where, after two attempts, I […]

You guys, I really freak out over cute animals. I’ve been known to get emotional while looking at puppies and other baby animals on Instagram and I will pick up a stranger’s cuddly-looking dog on the street before they can even say, “Uh, he doesn’t like to be held…and I don’t know you.” But what […]

I’ve stumbled across some videos the past couple days that I’d like to share. And no, I don’t mean stumbled because I was drunk. Although I did drink moonshine last night, but whatev. It was Tuesday! You may have seen one or some of these, especially the one with 13 million views. But you know […]