Spoiler alert: I’m going to talk about cleansing your face with oil. DON’T HANG UP! Just hear me out. Oil has long been known for its makeup removing properties and of course, the moisturizing factor. As we all know, the more moisturized the skin, the more it glows and the YOUNGER YOU LOOK. Do I need […]

Cancel that Botox appointment (for now); it’s ANTI-AGING BEAUTY BREAKTHROUGH TIME! You may have heard about Marula oil being the new big thang on the product scene, and if not, BOY OH BOY am I excited to explain. But first, let it be known I am a longtime lover of oil for your skin–I will […]

You guys, I’ve tried a whole lotta’ beauty products; I’ve praised many, I’ve dissed others, and I’ve chosen not to write about some. I actually had an incident recently when a company sent me a pricier product and kept stalking asking me about when the post was going up. I finally had to say, “Listen, I […]

Sorry, June 20; summer starts THIS WEEKEND, which means fun in the sun is a given. But with those warm rays comes the potential for sunburn (ouch) and peeling (gross), skin damage (read: making you look OLDER by the day), and the dreaded C-word (and I’m not talking about C U next Tuesday). We ain’t […]

Ladies with cheap blowdryers: If you’re not ready to part with that tool for a pricier piece, stop reading right here. But if you’re considering dumping the zero and getting with a hero, carry on… I’ve fluctuated between expensive and cheap blowdryers for the past decade or so. I even did a post on the […]

Despite the fact that I’m often rocking a ponytail, disheveled bun (I still can’t master the sock bun #FML), or hat (when I haven’t shampooed in a couple days), I do consider my hair an asset. You know how some lucky bitches ladies love their naturally long lashes or 24-inch waists? Well I’m proud of my […]

The bad news: We’re aging right this second. The good news: Help is out there…and it’s at Sephora. A number of factors contribute to youthful, bright skin and clear complexions: Cleansing, exfoliating, the right products for your skin type, water intake, exercise, sun exposure (I’m screwed there), good vibrations, etc. etc. etc. But I’m a […]

I love objects that vibrate. Minds out of the gutters, pervs; I’m talking about the Clarisonic Opal, the revolutionary, palm-sized beauty contraption that infuses anti-aging serum into your delicate (read: wrinkle-prone) eye area way better than your bare hands “by gently tapping the skin at 125 sonic movements per second.” This “sonic infusion” technology “hydrates, […]

As I approach the big 3-0, I’ve become a little more obsessive concerned with this whole aging thing, especially in my facial region. I could talk products all day, but here are three FREE things you can do to put your best face forward. 1. Relax your face. No, I don’t mean act like you’ve […]