I watch The Bachelorette on ABC. Am I proud of it? I am. It’s wonderful. Like Justin Bieber in a bathtub wonderful. If you have no life like me and TV is your soulmate, you know we are in the middle of The Bachelorette Season 127. If you do better things with your life than […]

Dust off your penis straws, take out a loan, practice your Instagram filtering, and get ready to feign a LOT of exaggerated excitement because IT’S BACHELORETTE SEASON, BETCHES! And I mean bachelorette as in the #LastFlingBeforeTheRing but yes, it’s also ABC’s The Bachelorette season and this one might be my fave yet because #TeamKaitlyn. But […]

If you are a normal person, then you have no idea what happened on The Bachelorette this season because you have much better things to do with your life like succeed.  Therefore, let me recap for you because I have no life and believe in love. A bunch of dudes went on a terrible show […]

I was on a bachelorette party this weekend in Charleston, and while I had an absolute blast, I couldn’t help but think how things had changed from the bachelorette parties I attended before I hit the big 3-0. For one, I still remembered my name on Sunday. And I didn’t have to take a Plan […]

Who would have thought? Des wanted the fairytale SO BADLY (let’s not forget she’s in the bridal industry) that she accepted a proposal from her second choice dude. Hello, #SloppySeconds! I kid, I kid, you guys. Kinda’. On a serious note (which rarely happens on this blog, so listen up!), I can understand how it all […]

When “Helzberg Diamonds in conjunction with ABC’s The Bachelorette” reached out to me to blog about tonight’s finale (or FIN-AHH-LEE as Chris Harrison would say), I asked, “Is it paid?” They said no. Then I was like, “Do I get free diamonds?” and they were like, “Negative.” And I was like, “Ok fine, I’ll do […]

Well, that was brutal. Our season 367 bachelorette Des admitted she was in love with one guy and one guy only (or at least that’s what ABC editing led us to believe) and he dumped her… …during the Final 3 week. …in Antigua. …before they even got to the fantasy suite. Breakups suck. Breakups on […]

When you wake up on a bachelorette weekend and hear a strange dude’s voice say, “I can’t find my pants,” you know it’s going to be a good day. As is what happened this past Saturday morning in Vail. One of the single ladies (my hero) brought home a 25-year-old fella from the bar who […]