When I was in my young to mid-twenties, vacation meant drinking as much as possible, making out with at least one (or four) random dudes, and doing absolutely nothing responsible like answering work emails or exercising. But these days, I’m more into fitness and maintaining my bod while on vacay so I don’t come back […]

If there’s anyone I know who doesn’t come back from a weeklong vacation at the beach looking the slightest bit bloated, it’s W+P health and fitness expert Cara Weaver. Bitch. I mean, look at her stomach sitting on the beach. I can’t even… She shares her secrets here. And if you don’t like physical activity […]

You got your ass up for the gym (or skipped happy hour for it), are dropping dough to be there, and killin’ it in your fly performance gear. So why screw yourself (and your bod) when it comes to the actual workout? Our fitness expert Cara Weaver demonstrates the do and don’ts when it comes […]