Plenty of celebs eat healthy and brag talk about it, but if the average person ate the way Gwyneth Paltrow does, he/she should would be broke and hangry. Which is why I absolutely love this article I just stumbled upon (originally published in October), “7 Ways to Eat Good on a Hood Budget” by Stic […]

I. Love. This. Playlist. As usual, it was mostly curated by our fitness expert/thinspiration Cara Weaver with a few doozies added by moi (ie. “Money Ain’t a Thang–forgot how dope that jam was) and it’s made for running, kickboxing, CrossFitting, Jazzercising, or just seeing how fast you can crush Christmas cookies at a holiday party. […]

I can’t figure out why the kids run past my house on Halloween each year. I’m always dressed up in a cool costume (a carrot) and I hand out the good stuff (fresh kale) instead of cheap Sweet Tarts! And I’m very friendly, inviting them to stop and burn off some of that candy so […]

Loading the player … Here’s the deal: Toyota Corolla lent me a 2014 whip for the weekend and encouraged me to pick up my girlfriends and ride around town. I was like, duh. Any chance to drive something other than my 2003 Xterra with (dog) fur-covered back seats and the “Service Engine” light on, I’ll […]

Chances are you know some badass women who have battled breast cancer, and this month (and every month!) we honor them and what they’ve overcome. Our health and fitness gal Cara led a pink Flywheel class this week with songs by (who else but) Pink and other inspirational tunes. A) I loved the idea so I […]

What? You don’t have a personal chef at home preparing healthy, delicious meals for you to sit down to when you come home from a long day starving and ready to attack your pantry? Well me neither. And until I do (a girl can dream), I have to make this happen on my own OR […]

There is ONE thing all naturally beautiful, youthful-looking women swear by and it’s not an expensive serum, diet, exercise regime, or plastic surgeon. This magical secret is…drumroll please…have you guessed it yet?…wait for it… WATER. I know what you’re thinking. #NoBrainer, right? But when I say water, I mean LOTS of it. I got an […]

Ashley Hesseltine Running

Whether you’re a marathoner, sprinter, 5K “fun runner”, or one of those people who crush a 1/2 mile then head to happy hour, you can’t deny that the ahhh-mazing weather this time of year brings out the Kenyan (not to be confused with Kanye) in all of us. But sometimes you need more motivation than […]

early morning spinning

I’m a certified night owl. I’ve always been able to stay up into the wee hours and function on minimal sleep, but as of late, I’ve fallen into a pattern of working really late at night when there are no email/G-chat/social media/text distractions and hitting the sack around 2-3 a.m. (or later, ugh). I’ll still […]

Avocados are one of my favorite foods. They go with so many dishes, are delicious to eat alone, and offer TONS of health benefits like vitamin K, lots of fiber (always needed for digestion and weight loss/maintenance), all the “good fats,” and potassium (even more than bananas!). They even protect you from eye degeneration and […]

Where else are you going to find a sweet 60-song playlist guaranteed to get you pumped up with a mix of artists ranging from Calvin Harris to Wyclef to CHVRCHES to Justin Timberlake (his latest tune, duh) to Eve to Zedd to 2 Chainz to Krewella to Sisqo (oh YOU KNOW) to Robin Thicke? Call […]

Sure, tomatoes make beautiful dishes, add color to any salad, and provide solid Instagram #foodporn, BUT they also: Are very low-calorie and have dietary fiber (1 medium tomato = 22 cals, 5 g carbohydrates, 1.5 g fiber!). Protect against breast, colon, lung, skin, and prostate cancers. Are bone healthy and ESPECIALLY heart healthy! Regulate blood […]

Have you ever put regular ol’ ice cubes in your drink and thought, “Ugh, #SNOOZEFEST,” or “These ice cubes are more bland and boring than my ex-boyfriend”? No? Me either. (Although I think we all have a lame ex we just thought of.) But still…why not make something more exciting (and tastier) when you can? […]

Do you shy away from heart rate monitors because you’re not sure how to use one? Is it the chest strap or bulky, ugly watch that turns you off?  Are you confusing it with a pacemaker and don’t think you need one for at least another 40 years? (NEWSFLASH: They’re very different.) For me, it […]

Challenge: Start this playlist and try to sit still. You. Just. Can’t. The most recent Spotify mixtape from our FLY-girl Cara (with a handful of additions from moi) is so damn good, I can barely take it. And the first song “Am I Wrong”…I die. Then you’ll get some Ellie, Calvin Harris, Akon (a romantic, […]

I’m a water snob. And no, I don’t mean in the “I only drink Smartwater or Fiji” way. I mean that my taste buds are very sensitive when it comes to H2O, so I prefer top-notch aqua from a spring or a good filter. For the record, I think Dasani is gross and it’s actually […]

We’ve all come home from a vacation feeling like a total unhealthy slob after days and eating and drinking, then it takes the same length of time AS the vacation (or longer!) to get back on track. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Don’t worry–I’m not suggesting you plan out a workout regime […]

Say “gluten-free” in a crowd and some folks’ ears will perk up with the mention of their obsessive dietary restriction, while other will do an #EyeRoll. Naysayers even compare gluten-free freaks to crazy Bible beaters — like, yes, it’s a positive, healthy lifestyle choice, but do you really have to shove it down everyone’s throat […]

Once, I bought a papaya at a fruit stand in NYC, got it back to my friend’s apartment, and was like, “Ok, now what?” I ended up eating a few bites by the spoonful, then trading it in for a liquid (read: wine) snack instead. But thanks to our health/fitness expert and food whisperer Cara, […]

Q100’s The Bert Show invited Nikky, Cara, and I back on the women’s panel to discuss all things men, dating, sex, and lady issues. This week got reeeeeal juicy with the dude-dreaded question, “Does size matter?”, a discussion about faking orgasms, male fashion (what NEVER to wear) and grooming, waiting until marriage, and much more. […]

If you’re anything like me, nothing motivates you for a workout like good music (and alcohol on the other side). W+P health and fitness expert (and secret DJ) Cara, has curated a badass list of tunes (I added a few, too) to get you through that run/spin class/P90X/Prancercise session. Start listening and you just might get […]

Health/fitness expert Cara Weaver is back and I LOVE what she is about to share. For one, she is going to explain HOW THE HELL to make a kale salad. I often get the kale salads at Whole Foods, but when I buy the greeny goodness and try to whip one up at home, I […]