Call me crazy, but I have never been personally offended by the site of an animal’s asshole. However, in 2015 in a world filled with bare human asses breaking the Internet, apparently this is an issue for some people. So praise Jesus for the TWINKLE TUSH, a feline ass-cessory that turns a kitty’s butthole into bling. Now […]

Don’t you love when someone sends you a video under 20 seconds and it’s so incredible you take a moment to thank God for the Internet (and animals)? That’s how I felt yesterday when my friend Joel sent me this tearjerker. Since I pretty much have to hold back tears every time I see a cute dog […]

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I spend entirely too much time looking at puppies on Instagram. But it’s so worth it. I can’t even take it. So I was browsing Instagram recently looking for my puppy/#FoodPorn/nail art fix, and this photo posted by DailyPuppy (my personal favorite) stopped me dead in […]