lash extensions

What if there was a beauty trick that made you look and feel pretty even when you’re bloated, hungover, sleep-deprived, and winter white? And I don’t mean wearing a Beyonce mask. (PS, do they make those?) I’m talking about lash extensions, which I truly believe is the #1 beauty splurge every woman should try at […]

You may know this tip all too well and think, “DUH, ASHLEY, I never leave home without doing that, you dummy,” or I could be dropping a total beauty bomb on you, but either way, this is a makeup trick I’ve been doing for years, and it works like a charm for opening up your […]

Eyes are so important. When I got my makeup done for New Year’s Eve (perfect smoky eyes, expert liner, just enough false lashes), I couldn’t stop stealing glances in the mirror (seriously, Julie at Woo is a magician). But when I woke up the next morning with hungover, bloodshot, raccoon peepers, I wanted to punch myself in […]

We have another kickass post from guest blogger Hayden of Pretty In My Pocket (aka PRIMP, the awesome beauty app I’m sure you’ve already downloaded, right?). I’m especially excited about this topic and you’ll see why… *** Don’t worry. I’m not about to flood your brain with uncomfortable memories from junior high parties by mentioning […]