I’m a water snob. And no, I don’t mean in the “I only drink Smartwater or Fiji” way. I mean that my taste buds are very sensitive when it comes to H2O, so I prefer top-notch aqua from a spring or a good filter. For the record, I think Dasani is gross and it’s actually […]

When I was in my young to mid-twenties, vacation meant drinking as much as possible, making out with at least one (or four) random dudes, and doing absolutely nothing responsible like answering work emails or exercising. But these days, I’m more into fitness and maintaining my bod while on vacay so I don’t come back […]

We live in a day and age where couples get engaged and their first thought is “I can’t wait to post on Facebook!” instead of “I can’t wait to call my friends and family!” You know it’s true. And with that territory comes status updates that are more barf-tastic than a Jared Galleria of Jewelry […]

Here we go again. Let’s see if I can discuss¬†bikini-area hair removal with some sort of tact. Atlanta recently got its first sugaring salon, Sweet Peach Wax & Sugaring Studio,¬†and I let the owner, Raquel, pour some sugar on me. Okay, so it was more like smoothing some sugar on me and there was no […]

So, I’m kind of an expert on this topic. Wait, that makes me sound like a…..whatever. I don’t spray tan all the time–usually only before special occasions (weddings, vacations, expected run-in with an ex, etc.)–but when I do, it’s with Tiffany at RAW Bronzing Studio. The tans are organic, perfectly airbrushed every time, and won’t […]