It’s almost the freakin’ weekend, which in Atlanta means time to eat, drink, patio hop, go to a strip club (probably), and pray it doesn’t monsoon. Put this stuff in your Palm Pilot. EAT YOUR FACE OFF Smokebelly BBQ This is the new down-home Southern joint in Buckhead from our dude-bestie Trey and the guys […]

Hold onto your hamstrings; it’s the giveaway I know many of you have been waiting for. That’s right: Flywheel Sports 5-packs. If you know me, you know I’ve been in a committed relationship with the indoor cycling studio for the last two+ years. Sure, I go on dates with other workouts, but no matter what, this […]

Introducing a guest post by stylist extraordinaire and overall inspirational and awesome gal: Lillian Charles of Wardrobes by Lillian. *** Juicing is cooler than 1,000+ calorie blended coffee drinks, Strong is the new skinny, And, in the vein of active, healthy lifestyles, Leave your sweatpants on…add stilettos. Gone are the days of corsets, hoop-skirts, and […]

early morning spinning

I’m a certified night owl. I’ve always been able to stay up into the wee hours and function on minimal sleep, but as of late, I’ve fallen into a pattern of working really late at night when there are no email/G-chat/social media/text distractions and hitting the sack around 2-3 a.m. (or later, ugh). I’ll still […]

Halfway through Day 2 and I’m still alive and have not started hallucinating yet OR eyeing Dewey’s food with envy. In fact, I’m actually feeling pretty good (and I hear Days 3-5 are even better). BUT, I want a cup of coffee so badly that I had to put my Keurig in my coat/costume closet […]

Where else are you going to find a sweet 60-song playlist guaranteed to get you pumped up with a mix of artists ranging from Calvin Harris to Wyclef to CHVRCHES to Justin Timberlake (his latest tune, duh) to Eve to Zedd to 2 Chainz to Krewella to Sisqo (oh YOU KNOW) to Robin Thicke? Call […]

I’m a water snob. And no, I don’t mean in the “I only drink Smartwater or Fiji” way. I mean that my taste buds are very sensitive when it comes to H2O, so I prefer top-notch aqua from a spring or a good filter. For the record, I think Dasani is gross and it’s actually […]

We’ve all come home from a vacation feeling like a total unhealthy slob after days and eating and drinking, then it takes the same length of time AS the vacation (or longer!) to get back on track. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Don’t worry–I’m not suggesting you plan out a workout regime […]

If you’re anything like me, nothing motivates you for a workout like good music (and alcohol on the other side). W+P health and fitness expert (and secret DJ) Cara, has curated a badass list of tunes (I added a few, too) to get you through that run/spin class/P90X/Prancercise session. Start listening and you just might get […]

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect sports bra. As a modest 34C (or so the experts tell me), I don’t need the MOST intensive support, but I do NOT like the girls to be bouncing around when I’m exercising as that means they are losing collagen/elasticity, which leads to sagging (NOOOOO!). I picked […]

When I was in my young to mid-twenties, vacation meant drinking as much as possible, making out with at least one (or four) random dudes, and doing absolutely nothing responsible like answering work emails or exercising. But these days, I’m more into fitness and maintaining my bod while on vacay so I don’t come back […]

You got your ass up for the gym (or skipped happy hour for it), are dropping dough to be there, and killin’ it in your fly performance gear. So why screw yourself (and your bod) when it comes to the actual workout? Our fitness expert Cara Weaver demonstrates the do and don’ts when it comes […]

You know those girls who are super fit and hot, and on top of that, they’re holding down an awesome job AND a family, and on top of THAT, they’re actually genuine, nice, and fun? It’s like, are you human? Well get ready to meet one in real life: Cara Weaver, Witty + Pretty’s newest contributor, […]

I have worn the same style of Nike running shoe since 2008 (seriously, I think I’ve gone through 11 pairs), so it was a big step (no pun intended) to try something new. But I’ve been hearing about and seeing Newtons amongst the Atlanta fitness crowd (plus Flywheel founder Ruth swears by them), so last […]

Get ready, friends. I’m about to profess my undying love. For a workout, not a guy. (C’mon, you know me better than that.) If you read this blog, you know how obsessed I am with Flywheel Sports. The Atlanta location opened a little over a year ago and I’ve been going regularly ever since (and […]

I’m heading to Chicago today for SPRING BREAK 2K13, baby! Oh. Well maybe not. But I am traveling to the Windy City for the weekend (do people still call it Chi Town or is that like saying HOTlanta?), and am very excited as I’ve only been once and it was a 24-hour work trip and […]

The beauty and fitness Gods were smiling (make that grinning from ear to ear) on Atlanta when they placed Flywheel Sports right next to Drybar. Which means you can do a little dance we like to call “fly and dry”–get your sweaty spin on, then walk next door and let someone else wash and blow […]

Have you guys been DYING to know what I want for Christmas all week long!? No? Okay, fair enough, but I’m going to tell you anyway.  There are about 3.5 things on this list that I’ll actually receive and the rest are aspirational (ie. I’ll just have to wait until Valentine’s Day (HA, yeah right), my […]

Hark the angels! It’s the very first Witty + Pretty Wish List and we’re lucky to have Flywheel Sports founder Ruth Zukerman reveal what she wants this year. If you’ve read about my Flywheel obsession and/or happen to know how awesome it is (and that the classes are beloved by celebs like Jillian Michaels, Sofia […]

October: What…a month. Not only is it HALLOWEEN, the best day known to man (and girls who like dressing like slutty kittens/nurses/cops), but it’s breast cancer awareness (which means pink everywhere!), AND national pizza month. I mean…I’m just glad my birthday isn’t in October or it would get totally overshadowed by these tremendous events (no […]

It’s that time again–a list of things that are perfectly acceptable in life. I’ve covered the Olympics (and have since taken back my crush on Ryan Lochte); Facebook (and probably pissed off some new moms), and now I’m moving on to something most of us can relate to: Working out. I actually enjoy working out […]