‘Tis the season! HARK the angels! Joy to the world! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time of year when you swear you won’t gain 5-8 pounds again but end up saying ‘fuck it’ by mid-December and spend your evenings sipping chugging red wine and indulging in decadent food instead of at the gym because […]

A couple things about me… 1. I’m a candle critic. I’ve bought or received too many damn candles that smell delicious, then you light them and the scent is barely strong enough to fill a cardboard box (not that you should be lighting candles in cardboard boxes). FYI, this means they’re shitty and cheap. When […]

The answer to that question is absolutely not. In my experience, guys interpret cards as “I really like you…like, really,” so unless you want to give your late-night lover that impression, stick to sexting. BUT, you could always send this gem to your boyfriend/semi-boyfriend, especially if he’s long-distance (suburbs count). I saw it in Nandina […]

Some guys are down for a fancy schmancy dinner on Valentine’s Day (*cough* amateur night), complete with him picking you up, roses in hand, and ending the night with both of you too sleepy from the booze and full from the “love themed menu” to even get freaknasty. But, NEWSFLASH: Most guys aren’t. The thing […]

Have you guys been DYING to know what I want for Christmas all week long!? No? Okay, fair enough, but I’m going to tell you anyway.  There are about 3.5 things on this list that I’ll actually receive and the rest are aspirational (ie. I’ll just have to wait until Valentine’s Day (HA, yeah right), my […]

Ladies, hold onto your panties because I’m about to present you with a bonafide HUNK and his holiday wish list. Forget Channing Tatum, Adam Levine, or Joe Manganiello; this is Joel Darby. This modern day renaissance man is part owner of Atlanta’s famous Fur Bus, former Auburn University mascot, costume connoisseur, kickass DJ, Goldendoodle whisperer, […]

He needs no introduction, but I’ll give him one anyway. Richard Blais, Top Chef champ, proud Atlantan, master of gourmet burgers and hot dogs, and creator of one of my fave restaurants, The Spence (remember?), has revealed his holiday wish list and it’s pretty damn rad (but would you expect anything less from a guy with […]

Hark the angels! It’s the very first Witty + Pretty Wish List and we’re lucky to have Flywheel Sports founder Ruth Zukerman reveal what she wants this year. If you’ve read about my Flywheel obsession and/or happen to know how awesome it is (and that the classes are beloved by celebs like Jillian Michaels, Sofia […]

If you’re visiting this site, that (probably) means you know how to read, and many of the people on your holiday gift list know how to read as well. So… WHY NOT GET THEM BOOKS!? I’m not a genius, you guys. Just a simple gal who likes a nice, hilarious, offensive coffee table book as […]

Never before has there been something so revolutionary that merges the fashion and drinking worlds than Cynthia Rowley’s flask bangle ($225). Behold: And you thought the wine bra was cool. Not only is this piece of genius jewelry incredibly cute and functional, but it’s made by a legitimate, awesome designer. If you’re a big drinker, […]

I’m just going to say it: I know what men want. When it comes to gifts, that is. As for all the other stuff, you’ll have to ask the fellas I’ve dated. For my CBS Better Mornings segment yesterday, I chose five unique gifts that any cool dude would adore, and while they all have […]

If you set out the Saturday before Christmas to buy gifts for everyone and end up wandering around stores in a zombie-like state followed by a near nervous breakdown in the car when you realize you’ve only checked off a sixth of the people on your list, and then end up at a bar drowning […]