On the necessity scale of 1 to coffee, cleansing facial wipes are a grande triple nonfat latte (especially when you’re tired/hungover/on-the-go/all of the above). They’re perfect for getting makeup off and cleaning your skin when you just can’t muster the energy for a sink situation — and we all know how important it is to […]

by Jennifer Lingvall, Founder of Wigwam Fest I am grateful for my body every day–that I have the ability to move and be alive. For a brief time, I wasn’t sure that would be the case. Three years ago I was diagnosed with an aggressive triple negative breast cancer. I was barely 31 (with no […]

I’ve always had a sweet spot for Ford Motor Company. It’s such a part of American history (that Model T tho), my dad drives a big ass F-250 (one of his many vehicles), and I once dated this hot AF guy with a sweet, red Focus (he’s totally reading this right now). So when Ford […]

Three things pertaining to this blog entry: 1. I love J Brand jeans. They boost your butt and make your legs look skinny even if it’s in the middle of holiday season and you’ve been skipping the squats to crush cookies and eggnog. Therefore, they are more magical than Santa himself. 2. I’m not one to take #OOTD […]

I wonder if I asked a bunch of dudes to name a sexy movie scene, they’d say, “Uh, this girl-on-girl scene I watched on YouPorn this morning.” Probably. But us ladies…we like a little more cinematic value for our stimulation. Last week, Witty + Pretty email subscribers weighed in on the steamiest movie scenes of all […]

I worry that someday it’s going to come out that Kind bars’ nutritional labels are wrong and they really are packed with calories and sugar (Kalteen Bar-style), because I just can’t understand how they are THAT GOOD and still good for you. It’s safe to say I have a unhealthy healthy obsession with these gems. They’re […]

Hold onto your hamstrings; it’s the giveaway I know many of you have been waiting for. That’s right: Flywheel Sports 5-packs. If you know me, you know I’ve been in a committed relationship with the indoor cycling studio for the last two+ years. Sure, I go on dates with other workouts, but no matter what, this […]

Who’s ready for a beach vacay?! (That should be everyone.) Sun, sand, relaxing, day drinking, and humblebrag hashtags. Ahhhh…. Today’s giveaway is a must-have for a trip to the tropics (or the Florida panhandle, whichever). It’s a perfect coverup courtesy of South Moon Under, which if you weren’t aware, is my favorite store in the […]

Bling, bling bishes! Time to give away sparkly things courtesy of Kendra Scott. If you have Instagram or read magazines, you may know this jewelry line because it seems like every stylish lady and her mother have been rocking the colorful, quality gems lately. I got my first pair of earrings a few weeks ago and […]

Gals who have hair, get ready: This one is a doozy. First of all, if you’re not familiar with celebrity stylist Harry Josh, he does Gisele’s hair, Rose Byrne’s hair, and many other models/actress locks you’ve lusted for. He recently developed his own hair tools, which includes a blow dryer (review to come on that […]

Hollaaaaa! It’s W+P’s second anniversary, which means giveaways alllll week long. The first one had to be from one of my favorite makeup brands, Urban Decay. If you don’t remember the post about UD’s game-changing Revolution lipstick, either read it, or just know that this stuff is the real deal–creamy, hydrating, highly pigmented, long-lasting, and with […]

I remember it like it was yesterday. MLK weekend of my freshman year in college (2001), and I had flown home for a “romantic weekend” with the guy I was dating before I left for school. He didn’t have a cell phone (or knowing the dudes I dated back then, it was prepaid and he […]

Apparently, there’s a sexy theme on W+P this week: Legs, selfies, and now the giveaway I’m announcing. Sorry if you’re a prude and/or are easily offended by riske chat, but I didn’t plan it this way. (But then again, if that’s the case, you’re reading the wrong blog.) ANYWAY, I’m giving away three beauty + […]

It’s Friday, which means time to skip out of work early and get your hands on the first alcoholic beverage you can find, but it also means the Witty + Pretty Week o’ Giveaways is coming to an end (waaaahh!). I’m sad, too. I felt like Oprah this week, just on a smaller scale (both […]

Eyes are so important. When I got my makeup done for New Year’s Eve (perfect smoky eyes, expert liner, just enough false lashes), I couldn’t stop stealing glances in the mirror (seriously, Julie at Woo is a magician). But when I woke up the next morning with hungover, bloodshot, raccoon peepers, I wanted to punch myself in […]

Get ready, friends. I’m about to profess my undying love. For a workout, not a guy. (C’mon, you know me better than that.) If you read this blog, you know how obsessed I am with Flywheel Sports. The Atlanta location opened a little over a year ago and I’ve been going regularly ever since (and […]

Despite the fact that I’m often rocking a ponytail, disheveled bun (I still can’t master the sock bun #FML), or hat (when I haven’t shampooed in a couple days), I do consider my hair an asset. You know how some lucky bitches ladies love their naturally long lashes or 24-inch waists? Well I’m proud of my […]

Carrie Bradshaw once said, “I like my money right where I can see it: Hanging in my closet.” I say, “I like my empty booze bottles right where I can see them: In my outgoing text log.” (Seriously, if drunk texting was an Olympic sport, I’d be Ryan Lochte–I may say some dumb sh*t, but […]

And so it begins! The Witty + Pretty 1-year anniversary weeklong giveaway extravaganza! But more importantly: It’s Earth Day. The ONE day you have of the entire year to SAVE THE PLANET. Did you recycle your Starbucks cup this morning? Extra points if you walked in with your own mug and asked them to fill […]