Dust off your penis straws, take out a loan, practice your Instagram filtering, and get ready to feign a LOT of exaggerated excitement because IT’S BACHELORETTE SEASON, BETCHES! And I mean bachelorette as in the #LastFlingBeforeTheRing but yes, it’s also ABC’s The Bachelorette season and this one might be my fave yet because #TeamKaitlyn. But […]

New. Year’s. Eve. Three words that can strike fear into the hearts of even the strongest men and baddest bitches. I’ve had a few traumatic December 31 experiences, but I’ve also had some great ones and I have a feeling this year might be the best yet (more on that at the bottom…). But first, […]

Fireball was that perfect guy who always lived in your city but you never knew existed. He was around, but you were too busy making out with Jose, Jim, Jack, or Goose, or partying with your red-headed slut friends to notice. But then finally in 2013 (or maybe it was 2012, you can’t really remember), […]

Atlanta is POPPIN’ this summer, my friends. (Who still says poppin’ besides Sway from MTV?) So many cool places have opened and many more to come. Here are a couple I’ve visited recently (one in particular I’m freaking out over) and one VERY MAJOR beauty boutique opening this weekend. Also….summer date ideas. The Painted Pin […]

Get your weekend on, warriors. WHAT UP WEST EGG Did you guys know West Egg (one of the best breakfast/brunch spots in all the land) serves chicken and waffles on Friday nights? I mean, WHAT? If that isn’t an amazing Southern date night (or eat alone in the corner with your iPhone night), I don’t […]

Introducing a guest post by stylist extraordinaire and overall inspirational and awesome gal: Lillian Charles of Wardrobes by Lillian. *** Juicing is cooler than 1,000+ calorie blended coffee drinks, Strong is the new skinny, And, in the vein of active, healthy lifestyles, Leave your sweatpants on…add stilettos. Gone are the days of corsets, hoop-skirts, and […]

**Through January 2014, the sign-up code below gets you $20 off your first ride instead of $10!** I have so passionately despised the Atlanta cab system for the entire eight years (omg, I’m old) that I’ve lived in this city. Not only are they the most expensive cabs in the country (besides like, Hawaii or […]

Happy almost-holiday, leprechaun lovers! I’m heading to Charleston this weekend for my college bestie’s 30th (and one helluva St. Patty’s street party on Sullivan’s Island), so I’m reposting the guest blog I did on my BFF (blogger friend forever) Becky’s rad site, The Pumpkin Spot, because I have more pressing matters at the moment than […]

As if we need reasons. But here they are anyway. 10. Because you’re on vacay. Bitch. 9. Because you’re NOT on vacay. Like the rest of us. #FYL #FML 8. Because you’re craving chips and guac. And you can’t have chips and guac without margs. 6. Because Jimmy Buffet is playing and you can’t listen […]

Sorry to offend anyone, but there is nothing that irks me more on All Hallow’s Eve than sexy cop/kitten/nurse/devil/bumble bee/etc.  costumes straight out of a bag from the pop-up Halloween shop. Don’t get me wrong–I understand the desire to look sexy on the one night of the year when it’s completely acceptable to look like […]

Let’s talk precipitation. For me, unless I’m hungover and want to watch movies in bed all day, I do NOT appreciate rain–it messes up plans and your hair. As for snow/ice, I’ll take a max of three snow days a year (I started going batshit on Day 4 of Snowpocalypse 2011). BUT I’ve decided that […]

Last week, I was in New Orleans for a press trip where I basically ate and drank my weight in delicious food and cocktails (more on that in a later post), stayed in the newly renovated W Hotel in the French Quarter (I wanted to move in), dropped and cracked my iPhone because I was […]

*Click “Continue Reading” below if video doesn’t load.* I incorporate alcohol into about 98% of my CBS Better Mornings segments, so am obviously known on the set as the boozehound/party girl that starts throwing ’em back at 9 a.m. This week, I decided to fully embrace my reputation and do an ALL BOOZE segment. Check it […]

I play music all…the…time. While I work, clean, cook (a rare occasion), get ready, unload the dishwasher, make out with dudes (even rarer than cooking these days), drive, work out, stare at my to-do list, stare at my computer screen, cuddle with Dewey, read magazines, stalk people, read about politics spend time on Facebook, pay bills […]

Last week, I fell in love at first sight. For you naysayers who say that’s not a real thing–you’re not shopping at the right places. I feel head over heels the second I saw this sequin maxi dress at Calypso St. Barth (big mistake going in there in the first place). And when I tried […]

Attention all my soul sisters (and brothers) who want to be skinny without ever sacrificing booze! It’s time for another LCVC (low-cal vodka cocktail)! (Speaking of, is it 5:30 yet?) This is the easiest one yet–with only two ingredients, you can make it with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back. But […]

In case you didn’t know… I’ve spent the last six days in the city for work and play (okay, mostly play) and it felt like home. But it’s not home (at least not yet), so I’m still in visitor territory. If you’ve ever spent time in the Big Apple, you may be able to relate […]

Let it be known that I love Urban Outfitters. Not only do I love the clothing, accessories, home stuff, and funny books, but there is a store within walking distance of my apartment AND I can bring Dewey with me while shopping. Hmmmm, take him to park or take him shopping? Call me a bad […]

What a huge week it’s been! Hannah Montana got engaged at the ripe age of 19, Twitter gave its bird a makeover, and I got my teeth whitened. Here’s what else I accomplished and I hope you’ve done some similar things you can be proud of. Presenting yet ANOTHER installment of: It’s totally acceptable if… […]

Well I’ve already posted a pic of myself in a bikini and a bush on this blog so everything else may pale in comparison, but here goes another weekly installment of things I’ve done recently that I hope you have, too. Presenting: It’s totally acceptable if… 1. You go on vacation, drink all day, then […]

Red lipstick is hot. Any guy who says otherwise probably just wants to make out with you and is concerned about having it smeared all over his face (well too bad). Any girl who says, “I can’t pull it off,” just needs to find her perfect color and channel her inner Marilyn Monroe. Not to […]

I am headed to Destin, FL this weekend with throngs of hard-partying Atlantans (not to be confused with thongs of hard-partying Atlantans, although there will be those, too) for what’s known as Adult Spring Break. It’s my first year at his momentous event, so I have been majorly preparing with no shame. I hope you’re […]

There is nothing I love more than a bachelorette party–a bunch of fun girls, NO boyfriends/fiances/husbands to get in the way, lots of booze, and being the center of attention everywhere you go. Seriously…is there anything better? One of the best games you can play is The Question Game, where you ask the bachelorette’s fiance […]

What…a week it’s been. The Bachelorette season 78 premiered, a fab boutique-y nail salon opened right down the street from my apartment (there goes my savings account), and all over the world, douchey guys sent ridiculous text messages to unassuming girls. Anyway. It’s Friday, which means it’s time for me to reveal some things I’ve […]