Hey girls. If you think spending four hours on your hair, makeup, and picking out a slutty sexy outfit, then standing in a bar/club with resting bitch face and sipping a fancy martini is going to attract Prince Charming, you’re doing it wrong. (For the record, you may attract Prince Douchebag. He is definitely not […]

Cupcake eating is an art form. You dive into a delicious morsel of moist (ew) cake covered in icing without lacking the proper skills and you’ll end up with cream all over your face (never a good look). Here are five ways to eat a cupcake like a classy lady…or a total skank. You’ll know […]

First of all, I don’t love the word haters. It’s gotten so overused by obnoxious-ass people who actually suck at life but think everyone is just jealous of them. Am I right? But sometimes it really is the best word to use, especially when people are actually using hateful language. When I first started blogging, […]

mountain girl

Let me open up to you guys for a sec. (Don’t worry; I’m not going to cry.) Working for yourself is undeniably awesome in a lot of ways and it was the number one thing I wanted in my career: The freedom, no asshole bosses, vacations when you want, working in pajamas (or nothing at […]

Vodka is my soulmate. We met in high school and fell in love immediately (although we were a lot less classy back then and he sometimes went by the name of “Popov”). We were on-and-off-again throughout college, all the while continuing to mature, although we’d occasionally have late-night fights where I’d end up crying, throwing […]

Avocados are one of my favorite foods. They go with so many dishes, are delicious to eat alone, and offer TONS of health benefits like vitamin K, lots of fiber (always needed for digestion and weight loss/maintenance), all the “good fats,” and potassium (even more than bananas!). They even protect you from eye degeneration and […]

Have you ever put regular ol’ ice cubes in your drink and thought, “Ugh, #SNOOZEFEST,” or “These ice cubes are more bland and boring than my ex-boyfriend”? No? Me either. (Although I think we all have a lame ex we just thought of.) But still…why not make something more exciting (and tastier) when you can? […]

You may know this tip all too well and think, “DUH, ASHLEY, I never leave home without doing that, you dummy,” or I could be dropping a total beauty bomb on you, but either way, this is a makeup trick I’ve been doing for years, and it works like a charm for opening up your […]

Once, I bought a papaya at a fruit stand in NYC, got it back to my friend’s apartment, and was like, “Ok, now what?” I ended up eating a few bites by the spoonful, then trading it in for a liquid (read: wine) snack instead. But thanks to our health/fitness expert and food whisperer Cara, […]

Hello friends! Hayden here of Pretty in my Pocket; you may know me from guest posts like hot, neon lips and how not to have a frizz fro. This time around, I’m giving tips on how to land that perfect beachy hair…while Ashley is at the beach probably doing it the natural way right now (bitch). So […]

Well, I posted a full bikini shot last year, so it was only a matter of time before you guys saw me in my underwear. I guess we’re officially friends now. So ladies, let me ask you two questions. 1) Have you ever gotten a professional bra fitting? And 2) Do you own a really […]

It’s time for another guest blog from Hayden of Pretty In My Pocket (psst, you definitely want to download the app ASAP for a sweet upcoming promo). Since we’re in the midst of festival season, she’s talking face paint; it ain’t just for kids at the carnival anymore, ladies. It’s a hip, edgy way to […]

Sending racy pics is risky business. And I don’t just mean because they can make their way around the Internet and end up on your parents’ iPad while they surf “pop culture news” over their morning coffee. There’s the more serious risk of the photos not looking good. Here are a few things to consider […]

I am SO glad guest blogger Hayden of Pretty In My Pocket (download it now if you haven’t already, gurls!) covered this topic. If you’re anything like me in recent years, you’re worried about skin cancer and aging, but still need to be bronze when bikini season hits (no one wants to see me pale […]

When I told people I was co-hosting a baby shower, they either A) Laughed, B) Held back laughter, or C) Just looked confused. Well guess what, you guys, some of my besties are knocked up, and while I know my talents lie in bachelorette, sex toy, and holiday party planning, I can still contribute to […]

Welcome back to guest blogger Hayden Gray of Pretty In My Pocket! (Um, have you downloaded the badass beauty app yet? If not, you need to get on that STAT.) This week, she’s giving us lip about a must-have product for achieving a bright, bold kisser (psst, it’s cheap), the perks of being a girl, […]

RULE: Painting your nails gives you an excuse to take a work break and watch daytime TV. Guess I’ll have to give myself a mani every day from now on so I can watch Ellen. Multiple times. Here’s my Valentine’s Day look: Essie Leading Lady (also mentioned HERE) and Nails Inc. Cadogan Square. And if […]

Hey girls hey! Get excited (or should I say brow down?) for another GUEST BLOGGER–Hayden Gray (hello, movie star name) of Pretty In My Pocket (PRIMP), a must-have app for A) Beauty product fanatics, B) The beauty product challenged, and C) Anyone in between. Pick up a product in the store, scan its barcode with […]

JUST as important as the game itself is the snack spread. Since the probably of a hangover is high, the possibility of me logging hours (or even 20 minutes) in the kitchen is just, well, nonexistent. So I’ve compiled five of the easiest and yummiest things in the snack universe. They require minimal ingredients, even […]

So, Esquire named Mila Kunis The Sexiest Woman Alive for 2012. SHOCKER. Not only is she smokin’ hot, but she’s actually cool and funny, so good luck trying to top this one next year, guys. Watch this video of her sexiness in action and please, ladies, don’t feel bad about yourselves. You would look that amazing if […]

I don’t whip up elaborate meals (due to my extreme lack of patience), but I do like to eat healthy, so when I’m not dining out and have hit my Whole Foods quota for the week, I need quick, easy options that do a body good. My friend Kate introduced me to this salad a […]

Last week, I was in New Orleans for a press trip where I basically ate and drank my weight in delicious food and cocktails (more on that in a later post), stayed in the newly renovated W Hotel in the French Quarter (I wanted to move in), dropped and cracked my iPhone because I was […]

I already dropped the bomb that your face is probably dirtier than you think (I know, I know…I’m sorry). But it’s true–using cleanser on your hands just can’t scrub your mug completely clean. That’s where the Clarisonic comes in. I recently got the Mia 2 model (in pink, duh) and have fallen in love with this […]

I play music all…the…time. While I work, clean, cook (a rare occasion), get ready, unload the dishwasher, make out with dudes (even rarer than cooking these days), drive, work out, stare at my to-do list, stare at my computer screen, cuddle with Dewey, read magazines, stalk people, read about politics spend time on Facebook, pay bills […]