My friend and favorite bartender (besides my brother) at the best bar/restaurant in the Universe (The Starboard in Dewey Beach) came out earlier this year and wrote a simple, heartfelt, humorous, perfect post on Facebook about it, which got nearly 1,000 likes (bet that’s more than any engagement/baby/new job/#blessed post you’ve seen in your newsfeed […]

I was leaving Atlanta’s “swankiest and sexiest” nightlife establishment, Privé, on Saturday night (obviously I was leaving; that place is awful) when I was approached by a homeless man, who asked me for money to buy food at the nearby Publix. I had an Uber car two seconds away and no cash on me (shocker), […]

Girls take a lot of pride in (and spent a lot of money on) their hair. Coloring, highlights, blowouts, Keratin treatments, extensions, fancy products, expensive straighteners, clip-on bangs (ahem, Kim K.), the list goes on and on. Many girls claim hair to be their best features and what makes them feel pretty and feminine when […]