Do you ever fantasize about trading in your lifelong best friend for a celebrity BFF? Oh you do? That’s f*cked up. But yes, it’s fun to admire celebs and be like, “Ohmygod, we would totally be besties,” even though you probably wouldn’t because most of them aren’t nearly as “normal” and “cool” as they seem, […]

Bling, bling bishes! Time to give away sparkly things courtesy of Kendra Scott. If you have Instagram or read magazines, you may know this jewelry line because it seems like every stylish lady and her mother have been rocking the colorful, quality gems lately. I got my first pair of earrings a few weeks ago and […]

Carrie Bradshaw once said, “I like my money right where I can see it: Hanging in my closet.” I say, “I like my empty booze bottles right where I can see them: In my outgoing text log.” (Seriously, if drunk texting was an Olympic sport, I’d be Ryan Lochte–I may say some dumb sh*t, but […]

Some things…you should never question where they came from: A free drink from the bartender, a five-pound weight loss when you haven’t been exercising or dieting, a 70% sale on designer shoes, random orgasm during spinning. (Psst, does that last one really happen because sadly, I’ve never experienced it?) But anyway. I recently had a […]

Ladies (and gents, I know you’re out there), Valentine’s Day a.k.a. Singles Awareness Day a.k.a. The Most Excusable Holiday for a Wine + Chocolate Blackout is upon us. In merely eight days, men will propose to their lovely girlfriends in Macaroni Grills across the country holding rings from Kay Jewelers because they saw the commercial […]