What if there was a beauty trick that made you look and feel pretty even when you’re bloated, hungover, sleep-deprived, and pale AF (because #WinterIsComing)? And I don’t mean wearing a Beyoncé mask. (PS, do they make those?) I’m talking about lash extensions, which I truly believe is the #1 beauty splurge every woman should […]

Confession: When I got my eyelash extensions removed after a year and a half, I rushed to my waxing studio to have brow whisperer Raquel work her magic so my eye area wouldn’t feel quite so unpretty (RIP Left Eye). But it was while she shaped and shaded that she told me to use castor oil for […]

Peace up, A-town down, shawty! What? Sorry. I got excited because it’s been a minute since my last A List and I can’t wait to share some things going down in our glorious city from food to beauty to BALLS. Now that I have your attention… Bring Me Back Something French Krog Street Market, Ponce […]

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Hello again, friends! Hayden from Pretty in my Pocket (PRIMP) here bringing you, as promised, another weekly dose of beauty must-haves from our lady-lovin’ app. This week, our favorite products were inspired by one of the ultimate, jaw-dropping beauty icons, Brigitte Bardot. Between the bold lashes, flawless face, and gap-toothed, pouty smile, it’s safe to say that […]

Kids started school yesterday in Georgia. WHAT THE F*CK!? It’s early August!!! Where I’m from (Delaware, b*tches!), we sometimes started school AFTER Labor Day! These poor kids. It rained every day during their entire “summer” and now they have to go back to the classroom. How depressing. I mean, let’s hope they don’t start cutting. […]

Hi. I’m Ashley and I’m a recovering lash-aholic. About this time last year, I got my first set of eyelash extensions, was obsessed, and maintained them for ten months, but with refills every three weeks (at a price I don’t feel comfortable sharing) and the fear that the extensions just might be damaging my real […]