True life: I have always been judged for my toothpaste selections and I’m 100% with that. Since elementary school, I’ve used Tom’s of Maine natural toothpaste and whenever I went to the dentist, they would praise my clean, cavity-free teeth (thanks, Mom). Confession: In my early twenties, I didn’t go the dentist for six years […]

By guest blogger Kelley Hagen I’ve had horrific periods since puberty hit. Like, fetal-position-nausea-cramping-migraines-for-three-days kind of periods that made me want to kill myself. I seriously would’ve lost less blood from a gun shot wound, and I suffered through this torture month after month for 17 years because I was unwilling to take pharmaceuticals to […]

And so it begins! The Witty + Pretty 1-year anniversary weeklong giveaway extravaganza! But more importantly: It’s Earth Day. The ONE day you have of the entire year to SAVE THE PLANET. Did you recycle your Starbucks cup this morning? Extra points if you walked in with your own mug and asked them to fill […]