I’m always down to try a new alcohol. Who am I kidding, I’m always down for any alcohol, new or old (but not expired……past six months). Over the weekend, I got my hands on some Tiziano pinot grigio and prosecco ($10-$12) and am a new super-fan of this authentic, affordable Italian vino. I’m also a […]

JUST as important as the game itself is the snack spread. Since the probably of a hangover is high, the possibility of me logging hours (or even 20 minutes) in the kitchen is just, well, nonexistent. So I’ve compiled five of the easiest and yummiest things in the snack universe. They require minimal ingredients, even […]

Never before has there been something so revolutionary that merges the fashion and drinking worlds than Cynthia Rowley’s flask bangle ($225). Behold: And you thought the wine bra was cool. Not only is this piece of genius jewelry incredibly cute and functional, but it’s made by a legitimate, awesome designer. If you’re a big drinker, […]

Remember this summer when we shopped ahhh-mazing designer clothes on super-sale, drank Dreamsicles, and listened to “Call Me Maybe” 67 times in a row? Well, if you DON’T remember because you missed the Les Nouvelles Summer Yard Sale, we’re doing it again, only winter-style this time, which means hot toddies while you shop, a makeup […]

There’s no beauty treatment that makes a girl feel more glam than an amazeballs blowout. Add champagne into the mix whilst getting your lovely lady locks styled and you can understand why I call Drybar my second home. (Click HERE for the exclusive Witty + Pretty Q&A with Drybar founder, Alli Webb.) But when some […]

Last week, I was in New Orleans for a press trip where I basically ate and drank my weight in delicious food and cocktails (more on that in a later post), stayed in the newly renovated W Hotel in the French Quarter (I wanted to move in), dropped and cracked my iPhone because I was […]

Just because I knew you ladies were in dire need of serious designer clothes at even more serious discounts, I’ve partnered with Les Nouvelles (online shopping heaven) for a YARD SALE this Saturday! No, I’m not talking about non-working appliances and a random kid’s old toys–this yard sale will be all clothes and accessories from […]