Perfume is tricky business. Not only do you have to love the scent you’re spraying on your body, but if you plan on being around people (which includes dates), it’s nice if those people enjoy the smell as well. Tough Love Tom says women should refrain from fragrances (refragrance?) altogether, but I think that’s a […]

Last night, I was running early to meet a friend for drinks (for ONCE in my life) and I stopped by CVS to pick up a few “necessities.” (I could spend hours in a drug store. Seriously, it’s like, a thing.) At the exact moment I realized I forgot to put on my Lancome La […]

Take a deep breath through your nose (because no one likes a mouth breather). Can you smell that? No, I’m not talking about your vanilla desk candle (which is lovely, btw), remnants of your pumpkin spice latte, or your co-worker’s leftovers in the microwave (which hopefully isn’t any sort of fish product, for your sake). […]