I was leaving Atlanta’s “swankiest and sexiest” nightlife establishment, Privé, on Saturday night (obviously I was leaving; that place is awful) when I was approached by a homeless man, who asked me for money to buy food at the nearby Publix. I had an Uber car two seconds away and no cash on me (shocker), […]

First of all, I don’t love the word haters. It’s gotten so overused by obnoxious-ass people who actually suck at life but think everyone is just jealous of them. Am I right? But sometimes it really is the best word to use, especially when people are actually using hateful language. When I first started blogging, […]

mountain girl

Let me open up to you guys for a sec. (Don’t worry; I’m not going to cry.) Working for yourself is undeniably awesome in a lot of ways and it was the number one thing I wanted in my career: The freedom, no asshole bosses, vacations when you want, working in pajamas (or nothing at […]