Pumpkin season is great and all, but peppermint season is what I live for. Why do you think it’s the last month of the year? It’s literally the headliner for the entire year in flavor profiles. So when DeKuyper put me up to task of creating a holiday cocktail, there was one ingredient and one […]

After years of waiting, I’ve finally found THE ONE. Obviously I’m talking about a blender. The Blendtec Designer 725 (AKA WildSide) is literally the smartest and most advanced home blender in the world (not mention attractive), so falling in love was easy. It has a 1725 watt motor–the most powerful in residential blending, so it reduces […]

It’s Labor Day weekend but it feels like St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday (WTF). It’s time to squeeze in all the things you planned on doing this summer but didn’t get around to like traveling the world and getting six-pack abs. What? Or just (attempt to) get a tan and eat seasonal foods. Which brings me to […]

Vodka at the beach is a no-brainer. Well, vodka anytime is a no-brainer. This past weekend was Hangout Fest, and when I party/festival hard for 3+ days, the smartest thing to do is stick with vodka. Sure, I’ll have some shots here and there (duh), but I steer clear of wine, brown liquor, tequila (it really […]

I’m Ashley and I love vodka. Shocker. But now I’m even more legit in my dedication to this majestical beverage because I’m officially a part of Pinnacle Vodka’s Cocktail Club. This means I will be drinking and posting about all its glorious flavors and concoctions throughout the summer. While Pinnacle is a lower priced vodka, it’s […]

Put on some slow jams, grab your lotion/lube (or whatever), and get ready for a whole lotta’ lust. It comes courtesy of a friend who I both love and hate because she posts pictures that make me hate my life since I’m not eating what’s she’s eating, force me to lick my computer screen (not […]

Vodka is my soulmate. We met in high school and fell in love immediately (although we were a lot less classy back then and he sometimes went by the name of “Popov”). We were on-and-off-again throughout college, all the while continuing to mature, although we’d occasionally have late-night fights where I’d end up crying, throwing […]

Avocados are one of my favorite foods. They go with so many dishes, are delicious to eat alone, and offer TONS of health benefits like vitamin K, lots of fiber (always needed for digestion and weight loss/maintenance), all the “good fats,” and potassium (even more than bananas!). They even protect you from eye degeneration and […]

Have you ever put regular ol’ ice cubes in your drink and thought, “Ugh, #SNOOZEFEST,” or “These ice cubes are more bland and boring than my ex-boyfriend”? No? Me either. (Although I think we all have a lame ex we just thought of.) But still…why not make something more exciting (and tastier) when you can? […]

Once, I bought a papaya at a fruit stand in NYC, got it back to my friend’s apartment, and was like, “Ok, now what?” I ended up eating a few bites by the spoonful, then trading it in for a liquid (read: wine) snack instead. But thanks to our health/fitness expert and food whisperer Cara, […]

Health/fitness expert Cara Weaver is back and I LOVE what she is about to share. For one, she is going to explain HOW THE HELL to make a kale salad. I often get the kale salads at Whole Foods, but when I buy the greeny goodness and try to whip one up at home, I […]

When I told people I was co-hosting a baby shower, they either A) Laughed, B) Held back laughter, or C) Just looked confused. Well guess what, you guys, some of my besties are knocked up, and while I know my talents lie in bachelorette, sex toy, and holiday party planning, I can still contribute to […]

JUST as important as the game itself is the snack spread. Since the probably of a hangover is high, the possibility of me logging hours (or even 20 minutes) in the kitchen is just, well, nonexistent. So I’ve compiled five of the easiest and yummiest things in the snack universe. They require minimal ingredients, even […]

I don’t whip up elaborate meals (due to my extreme lack of patience), but I do like to eat healthy, so when I’m not dining out and have hit my Whole Foods quota for the week, I need quick, easy options that do a body good. My friend Kate introduced me to this salad a […]