Apparently, there’s a sexy theme on W+P this week: Legs, selfies, and now the giveaway I’m announcing. Sorry if you’re a prude and/or are easily offended by riske chat, but I didn’t plan it this way. (But then again, if that’s the case, you’re reading the wrong blog.) ANYWAY, I’m giving away three beauty + […]

Sending racy pics is risky business. And I don’t just mean because they can make their way around the Internet and end up on your parents’ iPad while they surf “pop culture news” over their morning coffee. There’s the more serious risk of the photos not looking good. Here are a few things to consider […]

Us girls have it ROUGH. We have these THINGS on our chests we’re supposed to keep perky and pushed together, which requires straps and hooks, but then we want to wear strapless/backless/sexy stuff without straps and hooks showing. I mean. Seriously, ladies. Sometimes I don’t know how we get through the day. But luckily, there’s […]