What do women want? The age-old question men ask themselves…and women probably ask themselves even more. Also, a Mel Gibson movie¬†(that was FOURTEEN YEARS AGO by the way, FML). But this revolutionary new service out of San Fran (obvi), is attempting to give women EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. And it’s not a stripper’s oversized penis […]

Neutral-colored brassieres and undies in the spring/summer? No thanks. The sun is shining bright and our lovely lady lumps should be shining brighter. What? Let it be known (everyone already knows) that I love to show my bra. Not in a slutty, side-boob, DTF kinda’ way, but in a subtle, sheer-shirt-with-bright-or-black-bra-underneath fashion. We are all […]

Let’s be honest: Valentine’s Day is really kinda’ dumb. But maybe that’s just because I’m single. Actually, no. If I had a boyfriend, I would suggest we not celebrate the Hallmark holiday by getting wine drunk, eating pizza, and watching Superbad on the couch naked. What? But whether you’re executing a kinky evening complete with […]

Behold:¬†Hal Hunter. You probably aren’t familiar with this Australian football player, but you’re gonna’ want to be… The rugged beard. Those tats. The athleticism (well currently, he’s on the mend with some hammie issues, but I’m sure the right lady could give him some TLC and get him back on the field…). Who wants to […]