I am SO glad guest blogger Hayden of Pretty In My Pocket (download it now if you haven’t already, gurls!) covered this topic. If you’re anything like me in recent years, you’re worried about skin cancer and aging, but still need to be bronze when bikini season hits (no one wants to see me pale […]

Lately, a lot of people have been rubbing up on me. Not like that. Unfortunately. I mean that they’ve grazed my arm with a friendly hug/pat/what-have-you and then proceeded to literally stroke me and comment on how soft my skin is until one of us starts feeling uncomfortable. Now, before you get all “Ohmygod Ashley, […]

Here we go! The very first Witty + Pretty Q+A  just so happens to be with my favorite author and all-around witty and pretty gal, Emily Giffin (I know. This is a big deal). Read all about her beauty must-haves, tricks, indulgences, and disasters, and don’t forget her sixth novel, Where We Belong, comes out […]

So, I’m kind of an expert on this topic. Wait, that makes me sound like a…..whatever. I don’t spray tan all the time–usually only before special occasions (weddings, vacations, expected run-in with an ex, etc.)–but when I do, it’s with Tiffany at RAW Bronzing Studio. The tans are organic, perfectly airbrushed every time, and won’t […]