We’ve all been there–at a music festival, football game, Beyonce concert, porn convention, etc. and because there are LITERALLY A BILLION PEOPLE all trying to text/Facebook/Snapchat/Tinder at the same time, your phone shits the bed. Well actually it’s the provider/signal shitting the bed, but you know you’re blaming your phone like, “OMG I like, can’t […]

I’m not one to get all wound out about the latest technology (I would never wait hours in line for an electronic, that’s for sure), but the iPhone 6 has given me a bit of a lady boner. First, let’s take a look at the evolution of the iPhone with this fancy infographic from uSell: […]

Before I left for Mexico, I wanted to be extra prepared (for once) to document my trip via iPhone. I picked up a portable charger and a monopod (AKA selfie stick) so I could take photos and video without my mug being all up in the camera and you guys could see more of the […]

Who loves DUIs!? If you just said, “I do!”, then how are you reading this from jail? Anyway, Atlanta now has another awesome, easy way to get around safely with Hailo, an app that brings a cab to you with two taps of your smartphone. Like other transportation apps you may know or use, your […]

Since Tom (aka Selfie Tom) and I make fun of report on the fine folks of social media in writing on the reg, we figured we’d give it a go via video. What a disaster.

The recently viral video below inspired me to write a piece I’ve been sitting on since June. Take a look (warning: you might feel a little sad), and then read on… Unsettling, right? Let me begin… In 2010, when I was debating agonizing over quitting my public relations job (and steady paycheck) to pursue writing […]

**Through January 2014, the sign-up code below gets you $20 off your first ride instead of $10!** I have so passionately despised the Atlanta cab system for the entire eight years (omg, I’m old) that I’ve lived in this city. Not only are they the most expensive cabs in the country (besides like, Hawaii or […]