When I told people I was heading to Asheville for a weekend trip, you would have thought I told them I was going to Figi…with Ryan Gosling…on a golden jet fully stocked with vodka, nachos, and bunnies. Everyone was all, “Ohmygod, you are going to looooove it; Asheville is so ahhh-mazing.” I mean, it was […]

We’ve all come home from a vacation feeling like a total unhealthy slob after days and eating and drinking, then it takes the same length of time AS the vacation (or longer!) to get back on track. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Don’t worry–I’m not suggesting you plan out a workout regime […]

The recently viral video below inspired me to write a piece I’ve been sitting on since June. Take a look (warning: you might feel a little sad), and then read on… Unsettling, right? Let me begin… In 2010, when I was debating agonizing over quitting my public relations job (and steady paycheck) to pursue writing […]

I’m in Vail this weekend for a friend’s bachelorette. I got to the Atlanta airport yesterday at 8 a.m. and did not arrive in Vail until 7:30 p.m. mountain time. For you math whizzes, that’s a total of 13.5 hours. Thank you to AirTran/Southwest for overselling the flight to Denver when there wasn’t another one […]

I consider myself a pretty fit person. I Flywheel/Flybarre five-ish times a week (and yes, do back-to-back classes), run regularly, do yoga, and am always sampling new workouts. I’ve done CrossFit (well, twice), have run two half marathons (which equals a full, right?), and can dance for at least five hour straight (if given enough Red […]

It’s a holiday weekend, so you know what that means: People are taking vacations and stopping at nothing to make sure you know what an amazing time they’re having via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Friendster. I’ll admit–I’m a culprit of posting enviable pics, but I try not to be a douche about it. Here are […]

I’m heading to Chicago today for SPRING BREAK 2K13, baby! Oh. Well maybe not. But I am traveling to the Windy City for the weekend (do people still call it Chi Town or is that like saying HOTlanta?), and am very excited as I’ve only been once and it was a 24-hour work trip and […]

Greetings from Prague! I’m here for a week visiting an old friend and I may jet over to Germany and/or London, too. Hey, when in Rome Europe! I’ve already spotted a place called Vodka Bar, so I feel right at home. Anyway, my trip overseas was smooth sailing, er, flying except for a small setback […]

Last week, I fell in love at first sight. For you naysayers who say that’s not a real thing–you’re not shopping at the right places. I feel head over heels the second I saw this sequin maxi dress at Calypso St. Barth (big mistake going in there in the first place). And when I tried […]

Being that Atlanta is completely landlocked and hot as you-know-whats (rhymes with malls) in the summertime, I try to take as many beach trips as possible (hence my last post and the reason for a W+P weeklong break). So I’m always on the hunt for the best products for my beach bag. I’ll get to […]

Let me tell you about my New York travel disaster. It all started on Monday morning when I couldn’t get a cab to Penn Station. Please take a moment and picture me with a suitcase and a giant shoulder bag trying to hail a cab IN THE RAIN for a good 20 minutes to no […]

In case you didn’t know… I’ve spent the last six days in the city for work and play (okay, mostly play) and it felt like home. But it’s not home (at least not yet), so I’m still in visitor territory. If you’ve ever spent time in the Big Apple, you may be able to relate […]

I love traveling in the summer because I can pack way too many clothes and shoes and it all still fits in my carry-on. In the winter, you pack one sweater and two pairs of boots and have to spend half your vacay booze budget to check your monstrosity of a suitcase. But when you […]