At an event a few weeks ago, I noticed some girls with jewels on their faces, admittedly scoffed at it, and figured this was just some gimmicky thing the event presenter put on (“Come by the Bud Light Lime face jewelry booth for a buzz and a bedazzle!”) and not a new trend I needed to […]

I’m just going to say it. If you are still getting French manicures, you are stuck in the ’90s-early 2000s (or the trailer park). If you are getting French manicures with ACRYLIC NAILS, please MySpace me so we can have an intervention. I know brides still keep this old-school trend alive and I’m sure some […]

Last week was the end of New York Fashion Week, and obviously I was scoping out the nails–mostly because I love to see the trends, but partially because the recent relocation of my business means the only thing I can actually afford to buy off the designer runways is nail polish. In an effort to entertain […]

My bestie Kate and I got manis last week at Sugarcoat and both opted for pink nails with a sparkly gold accent nail. I’m really loving this color combo for the spring/summer, especially with gold jewelry: (Obviously we hashtagged this pic on Instagram with #BestFriendHands.) You can go pale pink like me or magenta-ish like […]

Ladies, how many of you have you been on a date or cuddled up on the couch with your beau and thought, You know what would be really hot right now? If I tickled his face with a feather…that’s hanging off my nail.   No one? Oh. Well you better get used to the idea […]