Confession: I have been watching The Bachelor for most my adult life and I’m not ashamed. There is literally no better show to view with friends, critique, and live tweet. Sure, seasons have had their fair share of snoozy moments, but they still never disappoint with the handpicked crop of insecure/narcissistic/batshit/desperate females, Chris Harrison’s billionaire […]

Yeah yeah yeah, spring and summer are legit, but let’s be honest—fall is the best season because dudes have NFL, NCAA, and fantasy football, and chicks have EVERYTHING WE LIVE FOR. Am I wearing leggings and UGG slippers as I type this? I mean, does Obama drink lattes? Here are ten reasons to raise a glass […]

What I’m about to admit is something I’m not proud of…but I know I’m not the only one. Wait for it. I HAVE BEEN WATCHING THE BACHELOR FOR 11 YEARS. Sweet Jesus of Nazareth. I haven’t even been drinking (legally) for 11 years. But yet here I am, 30 years old, getting excited about f*cking […]

kayne west

When I’m wrong, I admit it. And last week, when I tweeted this…I was sadly mistaken. I take it back. And sorry to everyone I called a dummy. The Kanye/Kimmel feud was not a publicity stunt because, as you know if you watched their interview last night, KANYE DOESN’T DO PUBLICITY STUNTS (except Kim Kardashian). […]

Ladies, hold onto your panties! (Or take them off and throw them at your computer screen, whichever.) We have an exclusive interview with the one-and-only Tribble Reese–TV personality, model (read: master of Blue Steel), former Clemson quarterback, and Atlanta lady killer. His latest reality show, The New Atlanta, premieres on Bravo TONIGHT at 10 p.m. […]

Let’s be honest, The Walking Dead is more of a scream-in-horror-and-cover-your-eyes type of show than a tearjerker. But tonight (without giving anything away)…. I love you, Daryl. I mean, not as much as Rick, but I would still totally console you (and by console, I mean make out with).

Let me be clear that Sex and the City is my favorite show of all time. But the reason I like Girls is that it’s NOT Sex and the City. It’s dark (and depressing at times) and makes me feel awkward and weird, but still makes me laugh out loud when I’m least expecting it. […]

[jwplayer config=”W+P Player” mediaid=”2589″ plugins=”” adaptvjw5.key=”actionfactory” adaptvjw5.companionid=”div-gpt-ad-1347309510681-5″ adaptvjw5.zid=”flash_ads” autostart=”true”] Happy Valentine’s Day, all you lovers, losers, and bitter singles. I’m just kidding, none of you guys are losers. Unless my ex-boyfriend Mark is reading. Kidding again. I never dated a Mark (that I know of). In the past week, we’ve touched on blowjobs (no pun intended), […]