Crazy weather makes people do crazy things. And by things, I obviously mean tweets. Thanks to the POLAR VORTEX, the Twitterverse is exploding with all kinds of commentary from chilly folks. Let’s meet them. 1. The Survivalist This fella is either a former Navy Seal or saw a movie about Navy Seals, and therefore is […]

Since Tom (aka Selfie Tom) and I make fun of report on the fine folks of social media in writing on the reg, we figured we’d give it a go via video. What a disaster.

Oh, Twitter. You have broken down the walls between celebs and common folk and made people feel like they actually know the stars they idolize. Hooray for that. I don’t follow many celebs on Twitter because WILDLY enough, many of them (with the exclusion of comedians) don’t have anything interesting and/or intelligent to say (I […]