RULE: Painting your nails gives you an excuse to take a work break and watch daytime TV. Guess I’ll have to give myself a mani every day from now on so I can watch Ellen. Multiple times. Here’s my Valentine’s Day look: Essie Leading Lady (also mentioned HERE) and Nails Inc. Cadogan Square. And if […]

[jwplayer config=”W+P Player” mediaid=”2589″┬áplugins=”” adaptvjw5.key=”actionfactory” adaptvjw5.companionid=”div-gpt-ad-1347309510681-5″ adaptvjw5.zid=”flash_ads” autostart=”true”] Happy Valentine’s Day, all you lovers, losers, and bitter singles. I’m just kidding, none of you guys are losers. Unless my ex-boyfriend Mark is reading. Kidding again. I never dated a Mark (that I know of). In the past week, we’ve touched on blowjobs (no pun intended), […]

Some guys are down for a fancy schmancy dinner on Valentine’s Day (*cough* amateur night), complete with him picking you up, roses in hand, and ending the night with both of you too sleepy from the booze and full from the “love themed menu” to even get freaknasty. But, NEWSFLASH: Most guys aren’t. The thing […]