…..because Maroon 5 didn’t make a surprise appearance. I am the biggest Internet skeptic and think everything is staged, but I truly think this is real; those reactions are hard to fake. But seriously….can you think of anything more amazing (besides marrying Adam)? And I was jk about your wedding sucking. I’m sure it was […]

Nails Inc.’s Porchester Square polish¬†was collecting dust in one of my beauty bins until this past Saturday when I decided to whip it out and do my own nails (yes, it happens on the reg), for a friend’s wedding. I had a feeling it would complement my bridesmaid dress perfectly. And I had a total […]

ATTENTION! Stop stalking your ex on Facebook, cursing your co-worker playing the Creed Pandora station, and put down the ¬†mimosa disguised in a coffee cup because something big is happening at Witty + Pretty HQ right now! Okay, so it’s not THAT big of a deal, but I am proud to announce my first guest […]