After one of my best friends did a SEXY AF boudoir photo shoot before her wedding, a few of us got to chatting about this rite of passage (would I do one? UM, DUH). And after a few gallons glasses of wine, we had a thought: What if men did these? Cue the uncontrollable laughter […]

In my TEN YEARS of being on Facebook and making fun of┬áliking engagement posts, I have never witnessed as many as I did this weekend, and a lot of my friends echoed this sentiment. I’ve seen multiple ones around the holidays or on Valentine’s Day (vom), but this was on a whole new level. I […]

With so many EPIC wedding videos out there nowadays, it’s harder and harder to impress us YouTube generationers. But this one got me… That. Mom. Is. A. Fucking. BOSS. When she starts dancing, you’re like, Wow, not awkward at all; she can actually move. Then you realize just how much swag she has…AND she’s doing […]